Game Update: Titans Grove Expansion!

Hey Zwifters! Our latest expansion to Watopia has arrived - Titan’s Grove! Not to brag, but we really think we’ve topped ourselves with the beauty and detail that exists in this latest installment. Inspired by Sequoia National Park and Yellowstone National Park (as well as some different time periods), the lush scenes and wildlife act as a perfect counter balance to the harsh barren desert that exists just over the ridge.

Have a look for yourself here if you’ve not seen it:

In this update we’ve also added in support for the 2019 Zwift Academy program which starts soon. Sign up now if you haven’t already - and don’t forget to grab the latest Zwift Companion app from your app store so you can easily view your Zwift Academy progress.

Of course, while we were building out the expansion we also fixed a few issues. Notably:

  • Fixed bug with wattbike atom shifter display showing wrong gear sometimes
  • Further reduced memory usage on older iOS devices (iPad Air 1, Mini 2, Mini 3, iPhone 5s, iPhone 6/6+) to reduce chance of app getting killed by the operating system. These savings are in addition to the savings from our small update in mid July.
  • Fixed a few bugs with our Ride Leader Fence feature
  • Fixed issue with TT events with >10 riders per row

As usual we’re all ears when it comes to feedback about changes or a new issue you may have discovered, just respond to this thread. Or if there is something new you’d like to see, head on over to Feature Requests to post your idea.

Ride On.

The Team at Zwift


Money hungry and faceless, ye are still ignoring requests and issues from user going back years now , for example how hard can it be to give us control over our training plans? ye keep saying ye are going to fix it but ye never do. Ye are on the way down …booooooooo


Absolutely love this. A really cool update. Beautiful graphics and that rolling road is unlike anything in Watopia. The rate of expansion may not please us road hungry riders but the last two expansions have been brilliant. I’ll take longer between new roads being released if they look as good as this. Massive thanks to the team who put this together, its awesome.


Give the guy some credit. They’ve just released a beautiful expansion and you’re launching personal attacks. They must wonder why they bother sometimes.


Thanks a lot Jon and the Zwift team!!! This is epic!! I really appreciate how you and the team are constantly improving the experience! Zwift is the greatest!! Thanks for supporting the Zwift cast too. Great podcast!!!


I wonder why they bother too tbh , why create what nobody asked for and ignore the people who pay for it all

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Disponéis de un mapa de watopia actualizado?


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This looks excellent, kudos to the team who created it.

I love the more natural looking areas and most of my riding is in Watopia so this is perfect for me.

It’s going to take a lot to get me away from the Epic mountain route before I’ve got the Iron bike though (half way there now) :slight_smile:



I think there should be music [with a constant beat but not boring] when you are riding!

I could help make it if you want!

I like zwift because we got weird weather here because it is too hot and too cold and I can be inside and ride!

:blush: have a nice day / night - cian s

Mail]( for Windows 10


Why do you subscribe then?

I want new roads, couldn’t care less about training plans.


I want to train, I am not a child

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Already said this last night on Facebook, but in my opinion these are the best looking roads anywhere in Zwift. No contest.

I just wish it was a loop so I didn’t have to go out into the desert. :smiley: Turnarounds at each end please.



Just a quick question.

Is is possible to put the account on hold from april to october ?

Looks great, I will have to do a free ride tomorrow so I can amble through and explore.
No use doing it during tonight’s workout, I won’t see much :smile:


Can’t wait to ride this tonight! Great work guys - this looks like a lot of fun, and definitely motivating. Thanks for all the hard work - massively appreciated. Happy roads everyone!


It must be really exhausting being so miserable and mean-spirited.


Plenty of other training apps out there without the distraction of the virtual roads. Not even sure why you want to be on Zwift. Dosen’t seem to fit your purpose. Your rant to Jon Mayfield was pretty childlike.