Game Update: Oct 29, 2019

One update, so many bugs…

I’m sure most of these issues have all been reported by other customers but it’s important that Zwift understands the scale of how many customers have been affected so here’s my list (all relevant to the Apple TV app):

  1. The show-stopper for me is that in four of the last five races I’ve entered over the past week I’ve been on my own (i.e. no other competitors are shown) from the start for the first 1.5 miles. I’ve never seen this behavior in over two years of using Zwift and it’s very frustrating and pretty much defeats the notion of racing in Zwift.

  2. The discrepancies in distance between Zwift, ZCA, and XP points is annoying. It’s not a huge issue but it does make you wonder how such a fundamental bug got past QA testing. In fact, all of the issues in the latest release are should have been caught by QA testing so what went wrong ?

  3. It’s now completely random as to whether I’m prompted to stay in the current world at the end of an event although it’s more common that I don’t see the prompt. Again, it’s not that much of an issue but it’s a bug and it should have been picked up in QA testing.

  4. Silly things like the UI to adjust sock height: As soon as you start to move the slider the focus moves to another part of the screen so you have to move the focus back to the slider and move the socks up another half-an-inch before the focus moves again, and then repeat. Just adjusting sock height can take half a dozen attempts. It’s ridiculous. Who signed off that change and, again, why wasn’t it picked up in QA testing ?

  5. The power graph shown at the end of an activity now only shows the rider best power not the power for the current activity. Again, QA testing…

There’s loads more of these small bugs and it’s difficult to understand how so many got through and into this release.

Yes, Zwift is great and I don’t know what I would do without it, etc. etc., but I’m a paying customer and I don’t expect to be experiencing these problems in what should be a fairly mature product by now. I do understand that Zwift is introducing new features and functionality with each new release but it needs to have more robust and effect QA testing in place to make sure that this type of bug fest doesn’t keep happening.

Steve Short.