Game Update: Oct 1, 2019

How about UI mods so users may add and/or move info - like any game nowadays.

BTW - steering? Really?

And finally - Good job on the memory hungry textures!


The fact that they don’t reply on the comments does not mean they don’t read it. Do you think anybody will read this post from top to bottom (I guess @Paul_Allen does and I did so far… LOL) with requests all over the place. Views and comments get counted so if the topic title is “We want xxx” and it has 200 views and 123 comments then it will attract the most reaction.

That is why I suggested to go to the relevant topics and spark the discussion and vote for it.


Tried the new route today. It was actually quite a lot of fun even though I was not very good at it on the first attempt. I used an old Tacx Fortius front end as my steering apparatus and it worked quite well. One wish for the future would be to be able to set and test the steering sensitivity in the settings menu.
Keep up the great work.

This is very interesting to know, I wonder if there is any other steering interface that will work?

After this update, my Apple TV screen resolution has gone small and down to the left, not sure how to remedy this… Any help pls…

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Follow this thread to see if you find answers to your issue: Apple TV 13 only using lower left corner of screen


You may find the turntable riser to be effective. I used it with the steering on Zwift and it worked quite well for me.

Hi, it would be nice to include another Epica mountain like The Tourmalet or Pyrenees and continue testing the runners.
Also the challenges as they are completed there is no more.



I was unable to access the course from either direction. No idea how to get the “secret” entrance key

Since I have no way to mount my phone to my handlebars, I had a go withit in the radio pocket of my bib shorts. So, upper back, leaning to steer. It took a bit of getting used to. First attempt I got 5/10 stars, overcompensating to adjust my line. Second time I tried to be a bit more analogue in my steering. Came out with 8/10 stars and a ~30 second improvement. Lost of full star on the first section (“a bit rough”, cheeky). That was really annoying because I got a full star on my first run when I was all over the place!

If the phone is on your upper back and you get out of the saddle, the avatar sways left and right. Looked quite realistic I thought. =)


Overall, I think having the phone in the middle of my back won’t be a long term solution. The steering felt quite unnatural, and certainly not the “it just works” that GPLama felt in his video.

Also, it’s impossible to see the map or give ride ones/use power ups via the Companion app if it’s behind me. :smiley:

I’ll have to invest in a bike mount.


Hi !
Just wanted to say I think the intro cycling plan 101 is a great addition. I would have loved it 2 years ago when I first joined Zwift as it would have explained a few things and saved me some time figuring things out. And makes it easier to recommend Zwift to recreational cyclists. ( Those of us who really do not like pelatons …sorry !! ).

I tried it for this week as I am just heading indoors ( and coming off a lousy cold) and wanted to test my FTP.

QUestion: Is the plan meant to be done in ERG mode. Not clear.

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Agreed…how the ■■■■ can you steer (or want to) when 99.99% of people are on a riser block!!!..everyone wants more worlds not steering…what next juggernauts passing close by at 60 mph for a more real road feel?

RIDE RESTART - (Repack Ridge)

I cancelled my MTB trial on the “Repack Ridge” mid ride using the “Quit” button lower left of screen and was sent to a spawning area at the end of the course on the tar. Seemed fine until I noticed that my ride distance had been reset to 0km and the previous best on the trail had been deleted from the leaderboard (OUCH!!).

Pretty sure you guys are already in the throws of fixing this BUG.

Thanks again for all of your efforts.

Greg (iKapture) Smith

That was fun! 2.2 miles in for anyone interested… I restarted once thinking I’d missed it somehow. Turning the sensitivity down by 1/8" helped enormously.

I wasn’t expecting to enjoy it as much as I did, though the steering would detract from real training performance for me… but the fun factor can never be underestimated!

Here’s a plug for a Fuego Flats detour that takes you through the train tunnel and over the bridge!

Thanks Zwift, very cool!

I snagged my 1 yr old’s “Twist n Spin” toy for under the front tire… worked flawlessly, and the knobbies kept the tire in place!

Used 2 Rubber Bands to Mount my iPhone :slight_smile:





Update your App’s (Main Zwift and your Companion) and good luck.

Hey Nic - grab a frisbee and stick it under your wheel (or anything plastic really). No stress on front end at all.

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Apparently Shane Miller, aka GP Llama, has just released a video on options for mounting your front wheel to enable steering.

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OMG a frisbee is a great idea! I have been testing an old CD under the wheel which spins nicely but doesn’t stay in place real well.

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I watched it, he just uses a single solution of a home-made spinning platform based on a table spinning “lazy Susan” rotating platform.

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Boooooo. You can’t speak for everyone. There are plenty of worlds and they all work the same. There is nothing wrong at all with experimentation in different ways to interact with the gameplay/riding experience. I don’t want more worlds, I want better control over the worlds we already have.