Game Update - November 23rd, 2020

because there is so much game changing stuff that needs adding, changing or fixing!


Mil gracias,esta tarde lo hago sin falta

And once again no updated on just having a button that quits the ride and sends you right back to the Home Screen grrrrrrr!!!

Also it would nice to have a track to race on like a dime!!! Hint hint

What he said “TRUTH”

All my photos used to not map across but at the end of the ride where you’re asked if you want to save or delete your ride it gives your photos but they are all showing as blank. If you click top right of each one the hit save it sends to strava. Not sure why it won’t do it automatically. I run it from my phone so don’t use F10.

Update to Win10. It’s free.
Win7 is no longer supported by Microsoft and is really old.
If your PC can run Win7 it can run Win10 also.

Not true in all cases.

Also not true in all cases (driver issues or it will run extremely slow).

If this is an older PC I would suggest either upgrading to a new PC with Win10 or a AppleTV. An AppleTV will be much less expensive and is fully supported by Zwift.

Wifi loss is not this issue. This is where you disappear off some your teams screens or all of them and reappear at the same specific places on the course. Or you appear in the screen but not in the rider list or vice versa. Even though you never lose any riders on your screen.This seems to be worse during big TTT events.

We have youtube streams documenting this behaviour.

Zwiftaliser has confirmed no drops in log files for these rides. I’ve a 5ghz 1gb+ wifi connection at full signal strength 3m away with 1gb/1gb up,/down internet connection with a professional after market router. No 2.4ghz wifi is configured to interfere with ant+. When you take you internet seriously :grin:

This is a common issue reported by many during WRL events with mass participation sadly in FB forums.

Thanks for your help.


WTF, i’m also having the graphics issue. Getting all kinds of big black boxes across the screen. Is this a known issue that will be fixed?

Good luck getting any answer to that.

In the meantime, try clean installing Zwift. It’s possible the patch didn’t complete correctly.

How prevalent is this issue? Any others having this as well I have pink mountains and black squares all over the screen.

What hardware do you have?

I know those issues from other games when the GPU is near dead.

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There are not that many routes, it is time to add some more.

AMD 9750 quad core 2.4GHz. Display adaptor is AMD Radeon 6450. Do you think an upgrade of the GPU would help?

It will definitely help, but that’s not really the point. If it worked before, it should work now without errors. Unless they’ve increased the minimum spec without saying so, which is unacceptable.

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Tarmac SL7 red colour still shows as orange… come on guys it’s getting a bit embarrassing for you now.


My graphics were really stuttery (if that’s a word) on my ride today, not had issues before this update on the setup I was running today

Windows 10
4th gen I5 processor
16GB ram
Internal graphics


Very new user - it’s just not good enough. Will an EVP of Development find that remark understandable? It’s not as if they haven’t heard it before.

This is a great game with a GUI that is universally regarded as poor.

MySpace was dominant once, too. Worth remembering.

EDIT: even your forum software is non-intuitive (I admire your consistency).

BUG: HR monitor was ID’d by BLE, went to switch to ANT+, click on “unpair” and app crashes.


Does that include changing locations without closing the game? BNX~


That include starting any workout while already riding.