Game Update - November 23rd, 2020

You can switch routes. You can use the meetup function. Finish your route, create a meetup with a new route (you have to invite someone else - they don’t have to ride, I use a dormant dummy free account) then you can ride the route. You get so route badges too. It’s a bit of a faff but quite easy once you get used to it.


The 6 weeks begginer FTP plan needs few text adjustments as well especially from the 4th week and on.

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Has anyone seen problems with zwift putting you on a different route than the one you selected?
Earlier today a freind and I picked Greatest London Loop but Zwift led both of us on London Loop. After the Ride I went back in to verify the last route selected and confirmed I had selected the one I intended. Since 2 of us got a different route from what we each independently selected it looks like a bug.

Zwift seems all geared up towards esports now as that is probably their best source of income, they prioritise getting things ready for that over fixing the things that matter to the average zwifter.

There is no need to have regular monthly updates if there is nothing really to update, I’d rather them just release stuff when there is something good to release


Me pasa algo parecido, los últimos 5 km se los come y es imposible consultar la tabla del evento… Seguiremos intentándolo

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F10 still broken for images but photos taken with the CA are uploading…this is a workaround for now

In my experience riders disappearing from the ride list and disappearing avatars from around me is caused by the internet connection dropping intermittently.

You can simulat it yourself by momentarily disconnecting your internet whether that be Wi-Fi or ethernet cable, then plug it back in again and you’ll see that behaviour emulated.

Awful communication guys.

We all love Zwift and nothing out there compares so you are stuck with us as much as we are you.

But talk to us. Sending out nondescript update notes sends the message you are doing nothing more on the platform than we currently pay for.

In reality I guess you are making the platform as stable as possible for the upcoming all eyes on Zwift Worlds on Dec 9th, so you wouldn’t risk updating anything major until after that date.

But tell us. Tells us why and give us something of what’s coming up? Yes, we will see you in Watopia because right now there is no other option. You may regret annoying your users so much when something decent comes along.

Go on @Wes reply, I double dare you :wink:


Graphics issues with new update

Installed the new update and here is what my screen looks like
(big black box in the middle with lots of flicker)

Running Windows 7, updated my drivers and did a complete reinstall



Have to say I agree with those expressing disappointment about this. I have loved Zwift and still (mostly) do, but the moment there is viable competition, I’m out. I am reconciling myself to the fact that Zwift is cheap, and you very much get what you pay for. Such a shame, because it could (and should) be so much more.


Pon el idioma en inglés y se te solucionará.

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It isn’t that cheap really, not cheap enough to justify simple stuff not working properly and things that used to work breaking with new updates that seem to get left or forgotten for ages


At some point, maybe recently, maybe months ago, Zwift knew there would be nothing much coming in this month’s update. They should have told us all back then so we were prepared.

I was looking forward to some long-overdue new things to achieve like route badges, or challenges, or even a bit of new tarmac. Unfortunately we got nothing.

Some indication of which upcoming monthly releases will be support releases, and which will be proper enhancement releases will be nice. To avoid us all getting hopes up and finding nothing. I suspect Zwift already know whether there will be anything substantial in the next release.

I think Zwift are taking advantage of the pandemic where they know most people won’t quit and cycle outside with their clubs or to work. So they can focus on background things. That’s fair enough, I’d do that. But please tell us if there are no good updates planned so we can be prepared for it rather than leaving us repeatedly disappointed, because that’s just polite.


Good post. They don’t have to say exactly what they’re working on (in terms of brand new features, for example) but just some sort of communication would be really appreciated. Outstanding issues and improvements aren’t top secret.


Just assume that the next 3 updates will be small fixes then if it is something big you will be surprised.

I don’t know why everyone thinks every update needs to be game changing.


Hello Zwift,
would it be possible to implement with the next update some kind of metronome, acoustically and optically? That would be a great support for maintaining the cadence while workouts.
Best, Sven

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Even just some communications on the current status and high level plan for big ticket items like clubs and anti sandbagging would be welcomed.

Plus known issues and bug fixes they’re working on. Like every other software company does.


It would be easy to say this is a list of current bugs, we aim to fix by Q4 2020, Q1 2021, Q2 2021 etc but plans may change. We aren’t asking for them to reveal their feature blueprint just let us know these things are being looked at which are bothering the community and are going to be fixed. All we see this year is revenues up through increased subscriptions, big investment funding and pretty much all focus on the pros and their events.


Can we now finally change routes without quitting the application?