Game Update - November 23rd, 2020

My prediction of a new Specialized Aethos climbing bike has been wrong, second release in a row. I was looking forward to something replacing the performance of the now-depreciated Specialized Tarmac Pro (although IRL the 2013 Cannondale Evo was lighter/faster than the 2021 Aethos, due to rim brakes).

I also suspect the assets for the World Championship were added.

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What a load of *****. Really taking the piss now. Massive increase in users, big increase in revenue, massive investment… Hardly any improvement to the platform.


Flags in rider list and hud when receiving ride ons look like crap as of today. Did not realize that the graphics could get worse in this game lol.


DaveH, what is the F10 screenshot problem? I take screenshots of my rides every time for Strava uploads, and my F10 has never stopped working. Last time, I used it yesterday. The only thing I needed to do (a couple of months ago) is to download a piece of software from Logitech to configure the top row of buttons on my wireless Logitech keyboard to make sure that dual-function F10 button transmits F10 when pressed rather than “go to the previous track”, which is its default setting.

What most of you complainers seem to miss is the massive effort going toward supporting the upcoming UCI World Esports Championships. Where do you think your subscriptions are going? :wink::joy:


We don’t miss it, we know all our subscriptions are going to the pros. This year has seen the least amount of innovation and new roads for regular Zwifters for years. It’s all about increasing the awareness of zwift so Eric and John can get rich when they float. Completely forgotten about the user base. Promised us much this year… Delivered nothing.


Small request that I think must would appreciate…when logging on to a particular world and it shows the different routes…can you shoe how many people are on each route. Sometimes people want to ride where there are the most people…


Prompted to renew subscription mid session. Lost a few drip points but after restoring once session finished all is good

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No fix for the drafting bug?



Is the problem of lost of connection with erg mode ( training) is resolved? I use a Saris H3 trainer with Ipad and it looks like a known issue. Thanks!


DaveH, I apologize, I posted a reply that my F10 works, but later I figured out from other comments that it is not an F10 problem but a problem with upload of custom screen captures (or perhaps all screen captures) to Strava. I very rarely log in to Strava, but indeed, none of the pictures which I took recently are there.

For whatever reason, I get an error message when I attempt to edit my post. So I had to correct myself in a separate reply.


ANTI-SANDBAGGING. (I’ve literally never posted anything anywhere in all caps).


Ah, yes, we have to keep those 42 viewers happy… :smirk:


Don’t post often - in fact never but this is quite an embarrassing list of ‘improvements’ and deserves a post. How about being able to change worlds without leaving the app? C’mon Zwift.


I hope they fixed the bug of my Power Meter dropping out on max efforts.

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I lived in Fiji for 3 years and consider it my adopted home. I didn’t realize Zwift decided that having a flag for Fiji riders was not worth their bother. WT-HECK is up with that?!?!?! Having said that, BULA VINAKA!


Just checked again myself too - 3 photos by CA, 3 by F10. Selected 2 CA and 3 F10 for saving when existing Zwift, only the 2 CA photos saved to Zwift (and subsequently Strava).

Maybe it doesnt impact everyone or your remapping is a hint to resolving the problem!

Fair comment. We’re in desperate need of more competition. Obviously there’s RGT as probably the closest, but it just doesn’t attract me right now.

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I come here to read the changes, and what I see is a bunch of whiny self-entitled bitches in the comments. If you have a problem, put a ticket in … it’s really not that hard. Or - upvote a feature request. If you whine, you typically will get ignored, and deservedly so.



When last did you try F10. I don’t see any recent photos in you activities.