Game Update - November 23rd, 2020

Only thing I noticed was a sign up option for tour de zwift

very exciting update lol

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People signed up for the early morning Tour of NYC tomorrow had better leave extra time for the update to complete.

Just saw zwiftinsider testers ride and it went on a new route… new epic kom

New Route Badges (new roads too)


oh boy! I am excited!!!

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I wondered why it took longer than usual to update!

I didn’t think this was gonna happen. Although eric min did give a few clues when he said expand watopia rather than make new worlds. Finally some more route badges. I only have the really long ones left lol

there are a few new “shortcuts” it seems around Watopia and in the jungle, plus a nice long stretch along the shore below the epic kom. :partying_face:

are you riding right now? Pls send pics of new route lol

nope, just logged in to see, no time to ride until later

I dont have to log in with credentials anymore on my main Zwift device. On another it wont accept my credentials … hahaha

EDIT: Two machines dont need credentials, one wont accept them. Guess I am lucky I am only user in my house.

New routes are already seen in companion under meetups.

A metronome that syncs with the cadence in a workout would be very handy…

For the person who suggested google, please explain how a stand alone metronome app can sync with zwift as the cadence in a workout changes ?