Game Update - November 18th, 2021

Alright @P_a_u_l, @Wes. Just gave the update another go, and this time, it seems to have worked (woohoo!). I’m not sure what I’ve done different - the only that springs to mind being a hard reset of the PC (where previously, they were more reboots than a shutdown/POST cycle).

The other thing that was different was that the most recent attempt came after the v1.19.1 update announcement (the rest were before this announcement). Not sure if that made a difference.

Let me know if I need to be pulling logs and whatnot off the PC to help with the issue.

@Tim_Wells1 - not sure if this info helps.


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I went into the play store and the update was waiting for me to accept

The new sounds are interesting, eh?

I was trying to identify what the new 20XP / 1km sound was during a group ride yesterday evening after the update.

From my iPad speakers, over the sound of my fan, it sounded like a tyre skidding briefly on light gravel or perhaps a bottle of carbonated beverage being opened.

Was doing Surrey Hills, so very quickly was too busy keeping up to think about sounds. On the downhills I did notice a new tyre-rolling-at-speed sound (I think). The sound when passing through arches / getting power-ups has changed, too. Not unpleasant to my ears.
I can’t remember, but is it possible that the pinging sound of ride-ons arriving is less strident, now, too?

When I asked the other participants what they thought of the new sounds, only one other person was hearing them! The others who replied said that they always run Zwift with game volume off. :man_shrugging:


New world looks awesome. The only thing that breaks the realism for me is the fact that the reflections on all the roads aren’t really reflections. They’re static blurry reflections that don’t change as they should based on the changing lighting/buildings up the road.

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Hi Mary,
Try updating the Companion app; I think that should show you the new map.

@P_a_u_l or @Wes , someone mentioned the Rooftop KOM isn’t working. It worked for me on a Windows 10 PC today, it just gave me the times in seconds rather than minutes and seconds:

Hope this helps.

It automatically update on computer (Mac book) however not on phone Apple 7

Zwift crashes during login on ATV … old remote and new remote … exactly the same mess…
Uninstalled the app, reinstalled …. same mess….
Zwift??? Really….???

See Crash after login (iOS and AppleTV) [November 2021] [1.19.0]

Checked this AM. Apparently still not updated.



Withings broken 548 days


I might be misunderstanding your point, but that’s the new version that this thread is about.

yep madness, a simple syncing bug was broken in May update 2020 and no sign of a fix or any development to try fix it. I assume they have actually given up trying to fix it but why they still list withings as a connection they might as well just remove it and say no longer supported.


Have searched this thread for “bluetooth” and don’t see an answer to my query. I am running Zwift off a PC and using ANT+ to connect smart trainer and HR monitor. If I switch bluetooth off on my laptop, I get the “Bluetooth disconnected” bar at the top of the screen and it doesn’t go away. I don’t care - I’m using ANT+! Can I get rid of this message without having to keep bluetooth enabled on my laptop?

I saw that too.
I thought it looked like green lint on a camera lens.

I always ride with game sounds off and radio on

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Oh great! I was already saving up for a new PC by the end of the year so I wasn’t too bothered about mine no longer being supported January 1st.

But, you know, since the update Zwift crashes with no Admin warnings saved the second I load the game. So I guess that solves the “what am I going to do with all the money I don’t have?” Issue I apparently have been experiencing.

Thanks for nerfing my PC guys, great update.

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With Bluetooth turned off, try deleting knowndevices.xml and then starting Zwift (you’ll need to pair again). If it doesn’t know Bluetooth is an option, it can’t warn about it.

Sounds like an annoying bug though.

Thanks - will give that a go!

I experienced an issue with sprints on Sprinter’s Playground this morning. The sprint leaderboard panel did not appear on the left until I was about 100m into each of the sprints. So, each sprint was a surprise. My wife completed two routes and experienced the same.

Perhaps I need some type of refresh as I haven’t seen any other reports of this and expected it would have been noted by now.

Note: running on Windows 10.

Yep, same happened to me on every sprint. Only saw that I was in a sprint section when I happened to see the start beacon (which aren’t always easy to spot). Hard to get a decent time when you start at 150 watts and 20 kph.

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