Game Update - November 18th, 2021

Same issue on Android on latest ZC 3.29. Companion map is wrong on this section.


yeah i got that too, same on PC

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Sound of waterfall in front of Italian villas is missing. It seems to me that sounds given by whale in ocean blvd are missing as well.

Same here - the end of the sprints/koms sounds like a high pressure puncture!

My bike has no handlebars on Apple TV 4k.

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Hmmm! Since the update my Apple Watch has been pairing without using the companion app. Before the up date I had to use the companion app and 40% to 50% of the time I had issues. I am using an Apple TV to run Zwift.

Update 1.19.2 - November 29th
We’ve released update 1.19.2 for PC, Mac, iOS, Android and Apple TV. It contains the following fixes.

  • Fix for a bug where riders with steering devices would be forced to steer left or ride sideways in a pack of riders.
  • Fixed a crash that would occur at login on some devices with Intel graphics.
  • Fixed an issue causing error Z117 and error Z112 in the Zwift Launcher for PC and Mac.

Yay for all youse experiencing these issues!

@Wes : is this fixing anything on ATV beyond the steering thing? Like the log in issues, maybe?

yayyy great! Thanks!

Quite a few reports of rides crashing on apple tv since the last update. Will the latest update resolve this problem?

Like persistent crashes after Alpe du Zwift - the game goes into a “hang” on AppleTV, people claim they can flick out and back into the app to get it to work - not the best experience, for sure.

Thanks @Wes, you guys are a lifesaver!

…although things seemed to have sorted themselves out at my end :rofl:


Why are there no specific posts for these small updates? Not easy to find their patch notes…

It’s edited into the OP.

After update patch of 11/29th, I had the first crash ever (2y)
Win10 with intel i7
Crashed 1h into the run workout and never recovered. All progress lost. Running on Makuri

I didn’t know that, but that is still inappropriate I think. The topic name is still “Game Update - November 18th, 2021” and the updates 1.19.1 and 1.19.2 were NOT on the 18th November 2021.
To be honest it is beyond me why there is no page with patch notes like other games have. See Counter-Strike: Global Offensive » Updates for example. All the updates separate and in reverse chronological order.

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Since Nov updates I cannot use Zwift on ATV (now 1.19.2) because ZCA (3.30.0) running on iPAD Air pairs bluetooth connections then immediately displays “no signal”… Supposedly a known issue w/o remedy.

What devices are you trying to connect? Can you connect (at least two of them) directly through ATV?