Game Update - May 28th, 2020

Also experiencing erratic power readings during group workout. I’m on a dumb trainer so it’s not such a problem because if I keep cadence steady and gear the same it produces the right effect. Avatar also weaving erratically over the road.

As expected, like each update the Training Peaks Sync si not working. I can’t see my TP workout in Zwift. Fixing esportino wo file from TP and upload in the Zwift workout folder, but just a workaround.
I don’t know how is possible having so many problems with the same feature, sounds like a regression bug, not well fixed.

same issue too

I have wanted the garage to be on cover page for some time. Slight inconvenience for some things, but if you’re looking for specific courses your have done and such you spend time bouncing in and out. Not end of the world, but would be nice to not toggle screens.

I’m no programmer, but I do wonder if the reason that the garage is ‘in-game’, as opposed to ‘on the cover’ is because if it is moved no one would be able to change their bike/wheels/jersey/etc if it is moved. I have no idea of the challenge to having it both on the cover AND in-game, but if only one is an option I’d rather keep it in-game.


A long time ago, you could change your frame/wheels/kit/etc. before starting a ride.


Right. You’re not gonna please them all. I would prefer to pick a bike, pick a route and ride. Swap later if you want, but leave. It’s not like if you’re out on a ride and ohhh look I found gravel I can just switch bikes!

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But there is gravel in game, riding the tron to the jungle then ride the MTB. I must say I prefer the Garage in game, that way I can get on the bike start riding and change stuff while riding.

But ether way will be ok, to be honest how much time can you spend in the garage? Two minutes in the starting pen is enough to change bikes and kit.

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We can have it both ways, yes?!?!?


I first noticed this in December, apparently…

However well intentioned, nobody wants workarounds. Zwift have severely neglected the user experience and it just looks like they don’t give a.
6 years old now zwift, so frustrating.

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A post was merged into an existing topic: “Keep Together” broken in Meetups [v 1.0.50775]

A post was merged into an existing topic: “Keep Together” broken in Meetups [v 1.0.50775]

Unless my event was set up incorrectly, this doesn’t work. Attempts to switch to a different TT bike failed.



The game crashed 3 times after I had installed this game update!!! The screen just froze during the game and unable to recover thereafter!

This is extremely frustrating as it had never happened before!

This doesn’t look like a TT bike only or MTB bike only event. It looks like a specific bike has been assigned.

This is why I’m asking. In event change request I asked for “TT bikes only”. The release notes state that once in the pen, you can switch from the Zwift TT frame to another TT frame.

Why do runners have to visit their garage to change their socks?

No we can’t… pick a side Mike!!! :wink:

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