Game Update - March 16th, 2021

I use a Wahoo RPM Speed Sensor and Tacx Booster basic Turbo and my power readings are normally very true to real life out on the road, and the Setting 2 power curve created by Zwift means the set-up top’s out at around 390-400W. Since this update I can now coast at 250-300W without much effort and have hit 1100W. I have changed batteries and laptops with no change so it looks like this is linked to the update!?

Hope they’re collating all the issues being reported with this release, 'cos there seems to be a lot more than usual.

Same problem here. Now also android app updated so cannot perform training because increased power…
I hope they’ll fix it as soon as possible.

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Have seen a work around on another thread , choose the lifeline TT 01 dumb trainer instead of the Tacx… apparently very simlilar power …


Hi seems to have knocked my USB elite turbo out. Won’t pick up any sensors now. Works perfectly with the elite software. The pesky squirrel tells me to wake up the turbo. Don’t really want to splash cash on a new turbo


Is there any fix for the problem with the erratic watts? Was hoping to ride a grand fondo tomorrow but my watts have gone mad

Possible workaround at March 2021 Update issues - #74 by Jesper_ZwiftHacks

Hi, noticed the heart rate on my companion app started the ride as 1 line but within a couple 20 minutes, it started to flip back and forth from 1 line to 2. Here is an image where the heart rate of 128 is spread across 2 lines.

I got a response from support:
"Since our last contact with you, we’ve found that this issue is similar to one we are seeing among many RealTour devices. We’re currently working on a patch for this.

We are sorry for the inconvenience, and are working on rolling out a fix for this known issue. After reviewing this, I’m going to escalate your case to the team best suited to assist you. Once they’ve had a chance to review our conversation, they’ll respond as soon as they can."

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Thanks for the link for the workarounds! Not really happy taking workarounds though for £13 per month but guess will have to give it a shot for now!:+1:t2:

What has your wifi got to do with your internet connection?

Same here… Tried downloading app again still wrong…
I wish I was that fast but now I don’t even want to use my trainer until it is fixed as it will skew all my progress…

Any word on a fix???

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We had the same problem but due to the button being pressed down by the hood slipping as someone mentioned. Easily sorted! The problem I have is that since the feature showing which gear you are in being constantly visible, I can’t engage 1st gear-or is doing so but not showing on the screen?

Do you ever see gear 1? Changed down today to tackle 11% climb and goes no further than 2-or is it just showing 2?

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See screen-shot below. In particular, view Andrew Mendelson’s post, repeated here:
“The 5 is probably a harmless bug; same as the gears now spanning 2-23 rather than 1-22.”

I haven’t tried gears 1 and 2 (or 22 and 23). But, Andrew’s post is one of several noting gear 1 no longer appears. From my reading, the meaning of ‘5’ is unclear to all Wattbike riders. Not sure this helps; but it’s all I know at present.

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Zwift in all their glory released an update that numbered the gears in the 2-23, rather than 1-22. So, currently if your atom shows in zwift as gear 2 this is gear 1.

Zwifts attention to detail when releasing updates is magnificent…


hi lucie, we have the same issue.
do u think zwift will fix the issue?

i’d be totally desperate if they cannot fix this, because i cannot afford to buy highend smart trainer​:pensive: and this apps and trainer that i have helps me recover and regain my strenght from my previous illness… but not anymore​:pensive::pensive::pensive:.

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Hi. I really don’t know, it’s been a long time. to support zwift they wanted some data from my pc, but it’s been three days and no change yet.

if Zwift does not operate by the end of my paid time, then if I am sorry, Zwift will end for me. it is not decent that we pay and the application does not work. Zwift should have advisory developers and this would not happen and if so, in a few days it would be corrected


Hi any update on the Watts Issues ? want to ride with my mates tonight.

If you’re referring to the “dumb trainers producing too many watts” issue, then this thread has some workarounds - March 2021 Update issues