Game Update - March 16th, 2021

Another Crash today…Hard Freeze, then crash, of course 26 min left in the group ride, so no getting back in. Zwiftalizer shows FPS dropping then the freeze after running perfect for over an hour. Also noticed in the ride prior that the leader board times (+/-) were off from the ZCA times…WAY OFF!

I had an issue today after completing a ride. I tried saving on the laptop and it just hung and eventuay crashed. I then was able to save the ride using the companion app. Now I the strange thing is I did get the mileage xp credited but none of the drops I earned during their ride. Also noticed the mileage was not added to the Tour Italy challenge… Seems the program and the companion app are not on the same page. Not to mention difficulty connecting my sensors before the rides. Not sure if anyone else is having similar issues.

Laptop is on Windows 10 with all recent updates.
Companion app is on an Android device with all recent updates.
Trainer is a Wahoo Snap, stages power meter and Wahoo HRM.

I have similar Elite Real Tour and the same problem. On March 16 it worked fine but after Zwift Renew it cannot pair.

Zwift tech-help, Please advise.


Update - works if I randomly pick a trainer other than Tacx and then suddenly 30 mins into the ride, it totally shuts down! Complete cut. This is shambolic.

Uploading: IMG_20210318_114911.jpg…

it is still not possible to connect a trainer and a laptop.
does not find usb, does not steam. fix to please. we don’t pay for something that doesn’t work

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My son had a similar issue this morning, not messaging but with workout title length.
After uploading his TrainingPeaks workout, Zwift crashed each time he tried to select it in the start menu (on the laptop but also when he tried on an iPad).

The workout title was long! I didn’t count the exact number of characters (also included “@“, “%”, “!”).
After deleting the workout and uploading another copy but with a shorter title (still some of the “@“, “%”), everything worked fine without crash or bug.

I think it is the first time he’s had such a long workout title on Zwift (it was supposed to be an outside ride) so I can’t be 100% sure if it is the same bug but I thought it was worth mentioning.

After the update it just keeps crashing. Had to ride RGT this morning which worked fine.


hi, can you still not connect it?

yes, still Zwift does not see my trainer

try to write here, www zwift com contact us. at the very bottom of the page. I also wrote there. I look a lot like this, because I have time off and I just paid another month on Tuesdays !!

The Zipp 404 front wheel rotor is displaying incorrectly without any detail on my iPad , iPhone and Windows 10 Zwift.

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Thank you for the information, I will add this in to our findings. We are working on it :grinning:

For the link did you copy paste into the dialogue box or use the link icon at the top?

Hey @Libby_Behrens : Thank you!

I just pasted the link in the dialogue box but got an error message after pressing “reply” –

it seems that the link icon (image icon) only allows to link to add images from the web. I dont have any other link icons, see below :
Screenshot 2021-03-19 at 12.53.18

All I want to link to is a Twitter post :wink:

Same issue for me too! I turned into an Olympic athlete overnight! 400/500w output. Normally around 150-200. Tacx blu matic turbo and garmin sensors. Using a MacBook. Was using an iPad but also had major bug issues with sensors not connecting and pulling data through

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Ah must be a forums permissions thing (I’m still learning!).

Not to worry, we have enough information for now thank you!


I did some testing with stream deck today with 3R and along with Konsti who I think you’ve been working with in relation to stream deck messages crashing zwift.
Findings are odd…

All messages were less than 140 character long.

. tested with 5 message multi block message ie (5 messages in one set to be output by streamdeck sequentially as per normal previous operation by leaders) :

Normal output from SD with normal full auto message send at 10s delay… crashed on message 2 ( m1 is 138 long)…

Normal output with manual output ie hit enter at around 10s… crashed on overlap as hit enter

Normal output with manual 15s outputs… went through fine until last of 5 messages and then crashed…

Full auto on 15s delay (previous message had cleared) crashed message 2.

Full manual last go… crashed on message 1!!!

That’s odd and not what expected.

However Watopia, innsbruck and Richmond now fully aware of the vEveresting academy!!!:rofl:

Same thing for me. Support told me that they are actively working on a fix.

Hi Zwift Team,
Just open the apps today and after the auto update the apps cannot paired with my Realaxiom Elite (wired or USB cable support) 2014 model. For the past one year and a half they are working well but not until today after the update​:pensive::pensive::pensive:.

Hope the team will fix the issue ASAP🚴🏻, cheers🍻


New Update.
4 times by now, i’m being stuck behind someone by more than 2 min.
yesterday example: 260w at 42 km/h in the Desert and then suddenly drop for 30 km/h behind someone at 1.2w/kg

I was doing a workout and went through the desert yesterday, I noticed random avatars shooting way ahead of me as I would come up behind them and looked like they were doing less w/kg than me. It was strange…