Game Update - July 8th, 2020

Thanks for the additional information. Since you’re registering for the event from the desktop game app, is it possible you ran into the infinite spinner situation?.

If you did not get the infinite spinner, and were able to register you would have seen a checkbox next to the “E” category (open) event. You did sign up for E, please confirm? For the Tour de France events, the “A” category events are for ladies only.


By “infinite spinner” do you mean blue spinning circle? Yes I saw that for a while. It’s possible I wasn’t careful enough in selecting the E event as I was rushing to join, I’m normally pretty careful about that but can’t say I didn’t make a mistake there.

I did get the “going” Icon though.

Anyway it seems as though it isn’t repeating as I have successfully joined events since. I was concerned it was an issue with the update or that something had changed and I was doing something wrong.

Thanks for you help.

Malcolm Walker

@Wes I’m still getting the controllable auto re pair issue on AppleTV. Not sure if this one is known or not but to outline my kickr will not auto re pair correctly at start up. It will auto pair from the previous session but doesn’t seem to pair correctly so it doesn’t free ride right and is impossible to calibrate (it will literally take 700w to get up to 37kph) and then says fail during spindown. The hack around is to unpair the controllable, then unpair the power source, then re pair the power source which will also pair the controllable. Unpairing just the power source doesn’t work as it seems to re pair the same controllable session. I’m pairing over ios companion app if that helps

Hi there, did a group workout today and sadly the swerving issue remains. It’s not as pronounced (or maybe I’m used to it), but still there. I was riding in the gutter for a while there, too.

why did you not enable the better graphics on android with this update on the latest tablets as well (S6)? come on man it looks terrible on this excellent screen

Has the windows issue been fixed? Haven’t been able to ride using my laptop for ages, and android doesn’t let me connect my controllable trainer.

What Windows issue?

@Ashley_Ward Is there a reason you don’t want to pair the kickr directly to the ATV instead of going through the companion app?

Apple TV only allows for 2 Bluetooth connections. I go through the Companion app so I can connect KICKR, Power Meter, Cadence, and HRM. I have not been able to connect for over a week, so I’ve been rediscovering FulGaz… Which works everytime…

Doesn’t the Kickr have integrated power + cadence as a single BT signal (+ HRM makes 2)? (Even if so, I realize some folks prefer to use a separate power meter, etc.)

I use the KICKR power, but when you connect in Zwift, the trainer connects as the ‘controllable’ and the power Meter separately. If there’s a way I’m missing to get the whole shebang connected directly as two BT devices, please enlighten me, I can 86 the Comp App…

Only the 2018 model (and Core).

Yep—was about to inquire as to what model Kickr is being used. Also, even for the 2018 and Core, there is a required firmware update, isn’t there?

That figures…I have a '17…Thank you


Hi, I appear to have lost the’ride on’ facility. The thumbs up button is on the bar but it will not work when using arrow keys plus enter or with the mouse.

What you mean by ‘will not work’? Because all that button does is trigger the ‘Ride on’ sound effect, it doesn’t actually give anyone one.

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Are upcoming future updates advertised or maintenance periods announced anywhere?

Will be cycling today later on today, don’t want to run into issues.

Thanks for the response. Previously, this was how I had given ride ons. How do you give ride ons via the keyboard? TIA

You can’t. To give a ride on to an individual you either need to click/tap on their name on the riders nearby list and then hit the icon that appears next to it (also shows up when they give you one, they’re doing an FTP test, or have just achieved a PR), or find them on the Companion app and do it that way. Alternatively when using the Companion app, hit the white circle on the map view to give out a bunch of ride ons to random people around you. This method isn’t available in events though.