Game Update - January 21st, 2021


I, and many others, have been reporting this since October. I have just cancelled my subscription because of it. I’m pleased you are finally acknowledging that you have a problem. If you can resolve it, I will resubscribe.

The new version 1.0.61590 is out for tvOS (Apple TV) too.

Total agree with Rue on the group chat issues…

Lead the 3R Steady Endurance Ride C Cat on Sunday morning with around 600 riders. I was not seeing all messages, as the beacon should, and not all were receiving my messages. It makes it even more difficult to lead with broken comms.

I’m on a PC Laptop, Win8 using the Companion App to chat.


Perhaps Zwift should stop rolling out updates on a Friday too?


FYI, “lots of testing” is required so this stuff doesn’t happen.


I don’t think anyone really cares about the day on which the updates are rolled out, only that they work when they are rolled out.

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All on this thread:

We’ve been working over the weekend to fix a bug that could cause some users to be unable to pair via Bluetooth.

Version 1.0.61590 for Mac and PC is live now. This patch is numbered 1.0.61590 for all OS’s.
Android will follow shortly, then iOS and AppleTV.
Once the update is released on Apple’s App store, you can go directly to this page and you should see the “Update” button to force a manual update.

UPDATE: v1.0.61590 is live for all OS’es.


Absolutely an issue!!! I noticed the same during 2 group rides in the weekend.

Ridding with latest update this morning (in UK) and kept losing connection to both ant+ and Bluetooth connected devices using pc app. Primarily the power reported dropped off and came back a few seconds later. Then the app just crashed, I could hear sounds as if I was still going but nothing more. Never had that before. All metrics we’re recorded on Garmin watch fine so connection issue was with computer/zwift. I’ve not experienced this before. Happy to share logs.

It would be great to be able to adjust connected devices whilst cycling ie if one gets dropped, be able to reconnect it manually without paying the ride.

I only understood a fraction of the conversations Richard was involved in. He was responding to people I never saw a comment from. Even though we were 600 riders, the chat got dead quiet at times. 3R rides are never quiet (Just ask Rita)

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Problem resolved here. Just in time for tonite TDZ Stage 5. Thanks !

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I don’t envy Zwift support having to now pick through whether mountains of reported issues are caused by the previous update or whether it’s just a generic Bluetooth pairing issue, of which there are several possibilities. There are literally hundreds of thousands of subscribers who’ll never see this forum.

I suppose it shows how important it is that the core functionality is always solid.


My wife just did the MAC update and she has Bluetooth connections of her Saris H3.

Now please fix up the group chat issues :smile:

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Bonjour, avant hier lorsque je faisais une ride sur Zwift, je ne pouvais pas selectionner la résolution 1440 avec mon macbook pro M1 mais j’avais l’ombrage sous le cycliste en 1080. Avec la nouvelle mise a jour, je peux utiliser 1440 cependant il n’y a plus d’ombrage sous le vélo ni avec le mode de jeu 1080 et 1440. Pensez-vous que vous allez pouvoir régler le problème afin d’avoir la résolution du cycliste sous le vélo acec la résolution 1440.

I saw this too. I jumped from about 800th place to about 600th place before we started up the volcano. Lots of people reported something similar in the chat.

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Thanks Zwift team for the Bluetooth fix. Updated my iPad Pro (IOS 14.3) and connection is now back to normal. As with everyone else the chat function is not allowing everyone’s messages to be shown up on either the app or the companion app. I am running latest versions of all the apps. The ride had well over 100 riders, so it could be in relation to the new fix to make larger rides more stable. Anyway; the chat is a secondary issue compared to having no Bluetooth, so priorities are spot on. Good luck with fixing the other bugs!

Did you find a solution I have the same issue?

I am still having Bluetooth connectivity issues between Wattbike and Mac, still receiving ‘no signal’.

Did it work throughout? I lost connectivity after 5 miles so still a big issue for me :rage: