Game Update - January 21st, 2021

Yes, this update is an epic fail!

Signal dropout issues like never before (happening regularly since Jan 21 to me and several of my mates).

App crashing after crossing finish line (esp. in meetups).

Please roll back this update. All was fine before!

Same problem here. Meetup with mates, app crashed for all of us after crossing finish line.

Was this Tour de Zwift, by any chance? This sounds like an event setup problem, and nothing to do with the update.

Yes, having the TICKR issue, too. starting my ride with 190 BPM (I’d be dead with that high HR…). This issue somehow was solved by updating TICKR.

Do you also investigate multiple reports about meetups crashing after riders cross finish line?

Thanks everyone for your additional reports and questions over the weekend.

We’re aware of the issue with iOS and Bluetooth, and as such we spent almost all of Friday working to diagnose, understand, and discuss what a fix would look like. We’ll keep you updated when we are confident we have it sorted out for you all. Please understand this sort of issue requires lots of testing.

We’re working diligently to get that sorted out for you and we expect to have some good news soon, though I’m not 100% sure when that is.

Thanks so much for your patience. I realize this is less than ideal going into the weekend, and we’re doing our best for you all.


Do you think it will be out before ZRL on tuesday?

Sometime rolling back change is the best way to “fix” those issues in the short term while the programmer works on the permanent fix.


What about the option for us to go back to the previous version while you fix the update ?
What is the faisibility of that ?


Can we roll back and at least get on with our cycling while you work this out, and possibly look at release schedule, as ever why release on a Friday if the right people aren’t around to fix, surely a massive user base uses the platform over the weekend.
Also is it time for a proper beta system to try out these new firmwares before release to the masses, Apple has a built in TestFlight for app releases, you’d only need a few hundred people to catch most bugs and ensure nothing is game breaking.


Can you enable the prior version for download on the app store? Seems like a better way to appease your paying customers so they can actually use the product they are paying for.


Has the change to how the closest 100 avatars are rendered on our devices affected how group ride chat messages are shown as well?

In all of the group rides I have done since Friday, people reported that they are not seeing all the messages that were sent to the group.

If it is indeed part of the new update, then I urge Zwift to roll it back.

Plenty of popular group rides routinely have more than 100 participants. And while I do not necessarily need to see all the avatars, I do want to see people’s messages to the group. The verbal communication aspect is what makes group rides enjoyable for many of us, and it is what builds the Zwift community. It seems foolish to limit chats to the closest 100 riders when friends in the same ride may sometimes move in and out of that 100-rider bubble.


“we spend almost all of Friday working…” This is an issue! Based on the number of complaints (even before the end of Friday) don’t you think Zwift should have spent almost all of Friday AND Saturday AND Sunday working on this issue? Paying customers really need to be moved up on Zwift’s priority list!


I’m kind of amazed given how many people have this issue that you don’t beta test updates extensively with real world users on various platforms before you push out an update like this. If Netflix pushed out an update that made the service not work for four days and counting, you can bet it would be headline news, the stock price would tank, and people would probably get fired. Maybe you guys should think about doing things differently? Certainly before you go public.


This issue, unfortunately, has been around for a while.

Here are two threads about it.

Hi, can you please provide an ETA for this fix? Thanks!

Just saw an update in AppStore for iPad.

Update for IOS Bluetooth issues on App Store 1.0.61590 !

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It was Tour de Zwift. However, I don’t see how an event setup problem can result in only 52 of 500+ riders ahead of me making it onto the leaderboard.

Edit: Ah. You’re saying that there were only 52 people ahead of me in Category B. The other 450+ didn’t make it onto the leaderboard because they were on different courses. I guess I’ll buy that explanation, since ZwiftPower shows that I came in 34 of 56 in Category B. Maybe there really were only 115 people riding Category B today (that’s how many were on the leaderboard the third time through the sprint).

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Maybe Zwift could actually let people know so they can download it, they must have known it was on its way. Apple always check over apps before the push to the store.

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