Game Update - February 23rd, 2021

Hi, any updates on the missing country flags in the game?

I would like to poke further for higher priority to resolving the chat issue. It has damaged the social experience of large rides that are a draw for subscribers. I know many riders that are now exploring alternative cycling platforms because of this.

Further damaging to subscriber experience is the impact on ride leader and keepers being able to communicate with the group. The fragmented chat has had a more detrimental impact then developers seem to understand or acknowledge. This feature/issue has tarnished the Zwift experience for many.


Still no support for official Nvidia shield… surely there is a big market out there for you.

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Use the ZCA to bridge the BLE signal and see if that works.

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After loading the update a lot the workouts I previously completed have been reset. This includes primarily workouts in Hunter’s Challenge and Your First Century. For example, I completed The Meg in Hunter’s Challenge a few weeks ago and there is no longer a date listed under the workout to show I completed it. Is there any way to recover that information?

Thanks for your hard work Zwift!

I have a silly request for a future update. Could you make multiple accounts in a household easier to log in? We share zwift on the laptop between three people and the account info isn’t saved at the log in so each time we switch we have to type it all out. Can’t there be a way to have users saved at the log in screen?



You’re perfectly right! This issue is really affecting group rides heavily and it’s incredible they didn’t fix yet!

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I also own a NVIDIA SHIELD…the market is smaller than Apple TV and Game consoles, and the quality would not be much better than Apple TV. I would love to see something running on the XBOX S…great hardware with a good price and it is probably not much different from coding to Windows.

Is this an error you know of:

Workout profile not showing up on group ride

It was interval set workout at my FTP. I joined the ride but the workout profile didn’t show up by me, and ended up just riding Instead of doing workout. Friends I did it with it worked fine for them and kept them in zones required.

There’s a dude on here can redevelop the whole thing to run in chrome at 4k amazing. Just hire him and you’re sorted! And sell your nvidea shares while you’re at it.

Thanks for bringing zwift to market I’ve been around since 2015 I think it was and it’s great for £3 a week. It’s not perfect but I’m happy enough. If you’re not just vote with your feet and your subscription it really is quite simple.

Ride on.


I’m sorry but I’ve got to moan n bump my gums over this.
“why did Zwift perform an update during race season”.
Blimey… You bunch of total plonkers… You’d all be moaning if there wasn’t an update… Oh wait you always moan about zwift.
So why are you still here and not on RGT?
If you know your going to be racing… Why don’t you start your equipment earlier to ensure that you don’t have any issues.
It’s called the 7 Ps.
Prior Preparation and Planning Prevents P**s Poor Performance.
I have not had any issues with zwift and I was a beta user.
I regularly check for updates to both pc and app n update my pc. Yes its not 100% but its close.
If you lot that moan about the program n state that you can fix it yourself… I haven’t seen your program on Google… In other words… Just accept that it is what it is or go and make your own site.
Meanwhile I’m going to enjoy my zwift.


Most of that is even dafter than the posts you’re complaining about.

It’s perfectly possible to be both an advocate and critic of Zwift. It’s not a charity.


Zackly, Dave.

The leaderboard is still quite … shall we say … fluid. It is not better than before and still gives wonky status.

Bluetooth pairing for my HRM is still fouled up with my Kickr Bike. I’ve got to unpair the steering in the initial pairing screen, then go into the ride, ride for a bit, then I can go back into the pairing screen and re-pair the steering and everything works fine. It has to be in exactly that order, can’t do it after you’re in a world and you can’t do it after you start riding. The HRM will never re-pair. Probably need to submit a ticket…

Ever since the update in December, I haven’t been able to connect mg AppleWatch HR

When will you make it able to buy a Bianchi in the drop shop?
Oldest bike brand in the world and still active. It should say a lot! Don’t you think?


Average hr and average power can be found at any point during your ride in the menu screen

When they offer Zwift some :moneybag: :moneybag: I’d imagine.


I know you equate more experience with less knowledge, so my many years experience as a developer in the games industry probably means nothing, but lets look at the example of the broken chat.

Realistically speaking, even in very big group rides most people are riding and not chatting, at most you will get a few sentences per second. I know you don’t think the past is relevant, but even 30 years ago a load this small would be trivial to handle… over a modem.

In large events Zwift want to limit the rendering of riders to only those that are around the user, so either-

a) Zwift cant decouple the rendering of riders from also delivering their chat messages.

b) Zwift can decouple the rendering of riders from also delivering their chat messages, but can’t deliver a trivial amount of chat messages efficiently.

c) Zwift can decouple the rendering of riders from also delivering their chat messages and can deliver a trivial amount of chat messages efficiently but for some other reason choose not to.

d) Zwift can decouple the rendering of riders from also delivering their chat messages and can deliver a trivial amount of chat messages efficiently but they introduced a bug that is so difficult to fix that it takes at least two (so far) release cycles to fix.

None of these scenarios are even remotely acceptable.

If you really think that sending a few chat messages per second is a problem and that Zwift shouldn’t be chided for ruining the social aspect of group rides, then I think you may, by your own logic, actually have more years of software development experience than you realise.


Hi Paul, new Sterzo Smart user here. My avatar’s left/right range was shifted a half “lane” left meaning the furthest left I could travel was halfway into oncoming traffic and the furthest right I could travel was in the center of the right side of the road.

When: week ago
Windows 10 user.

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