Game Update - February 23rd, 2021

Please fix the in game message / chat. Group rides much less organized as a result of this bug that started in January!!!


Still waiting on this as well

That’s my point and why I bothered to post. Most of it isn’t constructive, it’s just complaining and bitching. Why I stopped organising road races, just so much negativity.

I’m waiting for that fix too. It used to work. But now nothing
My Garmin DHRM used to work with zwift too but now one of the past updates it doesn’t[quote=“Paul_Allen, post:5, topic:538141, full:true”]

Can you explain a little more what you are referring to.

work anymore

I pair up the garmin HRM and it finds it …it shows its connected but then says no signal. My other HRM works just not the garmin anymore

First ride with the update: Every powerup was automatically and immediately deployed after receiving it.

It is not only Zwift, you can google it:

Scroll down to Game Benchmarks.

There are some games listed as
» With all tested laptops playable in detail settings low.
And for the most games
» The benchmarks indicate that the game is not playable in the tested settings

They did not test with more than HD…

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The HRM Garmin device is not detected by the app

Hi. What about Garmin Connect and the Training Effect? There resultat is still showing Zero after a workout.

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Caution: Having completed the segment on Strava doesn’t guarantee that you’ve earned the badge. Many of the roads existed before badges existed. And even for existing roads, badges weren’t all introduced at the same time. Badges aren’t retroactive. You have to have done the route after that badge was introduced. And while the badge was working – some routes did not work for a while after introduction.

Example: Strava shows that I’ve ridden NYC’s Astoria Line 8 five times. But I just earned the badge this week. The previous four times I road Astoria Line 8 were all before its badge was introduced in October 2019.

And @Dean – and Chris – great link!

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I agree actually. My partner also cannot connect his Garmin HRM to Zwift. He fine it most infuriating!

Since update the script error on launcher has reappeared on pc win 10, sorry didn’t read the 300 posts above if mentioned already.

Is that you with the Doctor? Great stuff :+1:

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What is your full set up? I have zero issues with my Garmin Dual HRM and Zwift (on Apple TV).

Hi, are you avare and working about the problem of power display when using Elite Suito ? The 3 seconds average power display option is not working and the fluctuant instant power is changing each second…
Sincerly yours

Solid release and bug fix list! Well done folks! :+1:

What would be really great to see in the future is a custom route planner, a bit like when creating a route on Strava. I love doing the pre selected routes but sometimes I’d like to piggy back routes. I think this would be a great way to improve community rides and meet ups etc…

Hello …

Since the “Hot-Fix” (2-25) update that installed on my AppleTV 4K …

I can “no longer” connect my KICKR-V5 to the Companion or the ATV via BLE!

The BLE dialogue in the Companion is now showing “all” nearby BLE devices and not the KICKR

I’ve reinstalled all Zwift Apps on all devices … Recycled Power on all devices … Switched BLE repeatedly On&Off on all devices … and Reset Network Settings on iOS devices.

Please advise / assist, as this was not an issue until the Hot-Fix … Thanks!

  • DeLano

Windows 10 ANT+ system, three devices, perfectly reliable for three years, dead after the 1.0.63186 update. No paired devices appear, device search never terminates. ANT_DLL.dll replaced during update, my guess is that’s the problem, trying to find a backup while zwift answers my inquiry.

Try deleting known_devices.xml and trying from scratch.