Game Update - April 29th, 2020

Lin - Thanks so much! Because of your question, I realized that my iPad was in need of an update (the last update failed, for some reason, and I’d forgotten about that). So I updated the iPad, and so far, Zwift on the Apple TV now seems back to normal.

I don’t understand how the version of iPad iOS affects how Zwift is working on the Apple TV. Because of the Companion app link via the iPad? At any rate, all seems OK for now.

I really appreciate it!

I now have: Apple TV OS v 13.4

iPad OS installed today v 12.4.6

And Zwift 1.0.49822 on both of them.


Been doing some meetups and getting really slow speeds for the wattage. Several riders on meetup saying same issue. Really enjoy doing meetups and hope to get some rides on the master calendar someday to help make safer roads for all to use around the world! Thank you, Dave Mathews .Bikefriendlyatl

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Hi Wes:
Hopefully, Zwift is still tweaking the anti-sandbagging algorithms before release. The rider who was placed first in the Zwift Beta Crit, C race tonight at 6:00 PM Eastern should have been coned. Maybe the 5-minute power threshold needs to be lowered or Zwift needs to consider adding a 10-minute power threshold, that would catch this rider? May I also suggest that when a rider gets the cone of shame, they lose power completely (zero watts) for maybe 3-4 seconds. That would be long enough for them to lose contact with whatever group they are in. Even when coned they seem to be able to sometimes hang with their group and affect the race significantly. Thanks.


EDIT: Rider names removed.

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Completely agree. When coned the rider shuold not be able to impact the race. As soon as coned the brakes should be applied, I’d do more like 15 secs and then their speed from that point forward reduced.


There are even more:

  • „Stromquelle“ in the device pairing screen is not correct. This German word is related to electrical power. Maybe it could be translated to „Leistungsmesser“.
  • In Game PR view: 3 days ago is now translated into „3 vor X Tagen“. This should be „Vor 3 Tagen“. Last week/month has a good translation but also has a leading number, which is not so good.


Good afternoon

With the new update windows 10 login much slower!

Did this update changes on Zpower curve at Elite Novo Force (8 levels?). Saying because i´ve de old one with 5 levels and i figure that size that update i struggle to maintain the same watts. Realize i´m doing 40w less, in average slower size that update. If the update changed that can someone tell me if the level 2 of my old trainer do the same power curve?

I’ve submitted a support ticket and got a response after about two weeks, telling me to do all the usual things with Bluetooth. I pointed out I’d tried these; it’s been escalated to Tier 2 but surely this has to be a known issue by now?