Game Update - April 21st, 2021

Not sure if the “turn off wifi/disconnect from network” trick was in Shooj’s post, did you try that hack?

Here are the steps:
Another temporary fix that has worked for Mac users who have cleared the Safari cache with no success is to do the following:

  1. Turn off wi-fi router
  2. Launch Zwift
  3. When you receive a message that there is no Internet connection then turn the router back on. The login screen for Zwift should then appear.

You may have to do this each time you login but it has worked for many users of Mac so far.

Same here. No circle around the arrow at the start of the ride, but it appeared at some point during the ride and stayed until the end.

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On Win10, the launcher update apparently does not kill the launcher itself before applying the updates, which caused a series of “cannot delete file” errors (since ZwiftLauncher.exe and Patcher.dll, among others,were still open). Skipped those, got an unannounced reboot, restarted the launcher, which again indicated it had an update to apply, and on this second attempt the installer correctly pointed out it was attempting to update an app that was already running. That got me over the hurdle.


Thanks Mike, that one works !!!
But still I hope this can be fixed. It is not really very handy to do that every time you want to log in.

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The graphics weren’t quite as smooth as before (4th gen i5,16 gb ram, windows 10, internal graphics only) not consistent but stuttered quite often and it didn’t do it prior to the update.

New launcher?

I don’t think so, i just opened it as before and installed the update.

would that mean it is the new one or the old one? and which is better?

Terrible experience so far with game resolution as soon as took the update. 1080p now unusable - scenery and all other riders juddering / jagging so bad it’s giving me eye / head ache. Always been smooth as butter before update. 720p res suffering the same, just not as obvious. Low res is just poor generally.
Any suggestions Zwift? :confused:
(win 10 i5 laptop)


Mine isnt that bad but was noticeably worse than yesterday.

was your constantly bad or did it come and go? mine would stutter intermittently

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Hi Chris, it’s constant so far. Currently on 720p setting, only just usable but when Watopia sun moves into view the sun is strobing really bad :confused:. Wouldn’t be very good for someone who has a medical aversion to that sort of thing. Having the HUD on or off makes no difference either.

See @Dave_ZPCMR’s post, the new launcher was forced during the new update, you may have had it already if you have done a reinstall within the last month or two. I was on the old one, which was better, until yesterday. The new launcher is causing some minor graphic stuttering. Maybe it is worse on internal graphics cards?

I had about the same upgrade experience. It doesn’t exactly build trust in the software. I don’t see any graphic stuttering, so that is positive. I upgraded from a newly installed installer (don’t remember the version)

Launcher updates appear to use a standard Windows installer - and killing the app you’re about to update is a basic feature of that. Nor sure why this happened in the first place. Not sure why the first install didn’t detect the launcher was still running (and hence hit the “can’t delete” error on all the components replaced by the update), while the second pass at least did. Looks like a setup issue in how they use the installer. Since the launcher is updated only seldom, that path is not as tested as the regular update one (which does not use the Windows installer).

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I created a topic but maybe have a to post also here.
Analyse bug after zwift update:
Today I proceed on zwift update. I can see double record is not working properly. End of the race are not available (HT source) I did 2 races today, First is good the second no. My friends have same issue but on the opposite race.

But this upgrade is something every Windows user has to go through, so one might expect it to have been thoroughly tested.

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@Wes every few updates (Apple TV) the mini map changes to the ‘perspective’ POV, as opposed to directly overhead, for some period of time, and then reverts to the direct overhead POV after a while. Please, please, PLEASE add the option to keep the perspective POV on the ATV app. It is clearly already there somewhere, so just make it selectable for those of us who want it. Thanks!

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Since this last update Zwift will NOT control my Kickr. Feels like I’m riding a dumb trainer!

That doesn’t sound good, was everything fine before the update?

Mine isn’t too bad and not constant so can imagine that must be really annoying.

Still no mention of a fix for free ride issue when using Wattbike Atom through Apple TV. Free ride section still stuck on the erg mode power level from the previous interval. Works with Wattbike Atom and Zwift running on IPad.

Same mate.

I run zwift on a 2014 Macbook Pro & prior to the update ran fine on max settings. But since the update (21/04/2021) my fps has tanked, even on “Low” there’s still some stutter. Really annoying :unamused: :unamused: