Game Update - April 14th, 2020

Fly high

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When will sandbagging cone and power reduction be applied to all races?

And you forced Zwift to use gtx 1650 via Nvidia app?

Not sure, how can I check on Windows 10?

+1 for the GTX 1650
It’s powerful enough for the Zwift Ultra graphic profile and even if I understand it’s a matter of “reliability” on Zwift performance… it’s a non sense that previous generations cards, way less powerful, are being granted Ultra status. Should we buy old cards?

I confirm: there’s nothing a user can do on client side, even tweaking with Nvidia tools or configure files.


I changed the file with high settings, everything OK with my GTX 1650.

We should be getting Ultra, not high. This is controlled by Zwift HQ.

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Hi Mike,
I just opened the ultra, edited some more settings & saved as high. Cannot say that it is ultra now, have no comparison.
But it is much better than the original high.

See (once more, thanks @Eric_Schlange_ZI)

After the update I can’t follow any other users? Is just me? Or is a bug??

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Zwift has set the limit at 5,000, how many do you have.

Just checked, you are following over 13,000, so you are well over the 5,000 threshold.

@Milan_Rost :+1:

Got it, thank you for the quick response, I’m totally in love with Zwift.
One more thing, I will love to finish a ride and stay rolling or do other easy ride, but the only option is : Save and Exit. Can we have also a Save only? Or Save and keep riding? Thank you.

That is the number 1 Feature Request, so hopefully it gets implemented soon.

If you are talking about continuing after finishing a group ride or race, you can definitely do that. Zwift will save the entire ride, including the time after the event ended, as a single activity in your log, though.

Hi, this morning I attended the Flanders Cofee Ride. I was at 1h and 25’ (+|-) and the program crashed and closed. It happened even last Monday attending the REVO climbers. My performances up to the moment of the crash are registered in my history but not visible in Strava, …
Did it happened to somebody else? Is it my pc or the program? Any suggestion?
Thank you for your kind reply

What are you using to run Zwift on? Is it possible your graphics card, or cpu overheated after working for so long?

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Do you plan to make the softaware compatible with HT realaxiom V4 wired (from Elite) ?
It would be great !

I noticed a flashing icon on the map the other day with a countdown timer. What is this feature??

That sounds like a power-up on the Alpe du Zwift climb. If you get to that point before the timer expires, you get a power-up. (There are three such locations on that climb.)

Was this on your Windows computer, or the iPad? April 19, please confirm?