Game Update 1.52 [November 2023]

Cuts down the smell? :astonished: :sunglasses:

All this time, I never noticed. Yikes… And actually the real Thames doesn’t small as bad as people told me it did. And London is an amazing city for sure. Want to go back at some point. Ride on!!


I’m no longer able to start a ride after the update. I get to the blue Z loading screen and then I get dumped back out to the desktop with Zwift going poof.

Windows on a PC.

After I updated the app I went to ride and there was little to no resistance with the trainer difficulty turned all the way up. Checked on the firmware for the trainer and everything is up to date. I am using the IOS version of the app.

when will you fix the legacy plans?

Facing backwards in the pen has returned

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Please please please add average speed and power to the game display or the companion app.


Not sure if anyone else has noticed this, but been doing ftp builder workout series. Before the update hit my AppleTV the watts display was pretty stable, but since the 1.52 update, getting random drops in displayed power ie: steady at say 100w, then suddenly drops to like 80w, then back up the 100w.

This is using ERG mode in a Kickr v5

Hi @Eric_Desautels welcome to Zwift forums!

Shuji at Zwift HQ here. I looked at your server logs and I’m seeing you have an old iPad and an IPhone both logged in to the same account simultaneously. This will cause problems like the one you’re describing.

Please force-close the main Zwift app on both devices to stop the app from running. Here’s how. Swiping into the background is not the same.

Give it at least 2 minutes for the server to recognize both sessions have ended. It looks like your IPhone is the device you’d rather use? Please log in from the iPhone and consider uninstalling the main app from your iPad. You may be able to run the Zwift Companion app on the iPad instead.

Would you let us know if that gets your resistance working as expected?

If using a 10 Hz device with “Instant” power display enabled in settings, power will be sent 10 times per second and you’ll see more fluctuation and faster responsiveness in your in-game HUD’s power reading.

With 3-second averaging enabled, the trainer is still sending 10 power readings per second, but we’re averaging those over a 3-second period (which is 30 power readings). That average still fluctuates as that rolling 3-second window changes, but the change in this release made it so we only update the in-game HUD display once every second.

Hope that helps!

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Windows game updates begin on the first day of release (which is now Tuesdays on the new schedule), and roll out to an increasing number of Windows users throughout Tuesday, Wednesday, and is typically available for 100% of Windows users by Thursday morning (US Pacific time). Previously updates were finished on Fridays, but that moved to Thursdays on the new schedule.

This change takes only take effect once you’ve updated to version 1.52.

Hi sorry for my bad english. I’ve made the update 1.52 yesterday and sonce that a can"t start zwift. He shut down during the identification…have you hear some problems like this on the 1.52 update ? Thanks

If the problem was that jungle was slow for road bikes, would it not be better to add a feature that made it easy to swap bikes? Like the Teleport feature or something, so you could line up all your best Road/Dirt/Gravel bikes and easily swap between them when needed.
As already mentioned above, this was the death of all other bike types than Road and “The Tron”. :frowning:


still getting multiple play controller disconnects, its mostly the left one dropping, never had this issue before game version 1.49 was released, what changed in the game for the controllers ?

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I’m not a fan of rolling to a dead stop now taking approx 1km on a flat road. Not even joking. Tempus Fugit - 1km. I had done my ride, then coasted to a stop. Took forever!


With last release of Zwift i had constant 120 fps on a MacBook Pro with M1Max.
After updating today to 1.52.0 i got only constant 20 fps… i didn’t changed anything in the meanwhile.
That’s very disappointing.
Any help would be creat but i dont think the reason for that is my computer.

That’s weird. I’m on 1.52 using an M1 Pro CPU and got steady 60fps in a ToW ride (crowded). One dip to 50fps around the start when the pack was biggest. And I have video screenshots enabled.

Open up the pairing screen and you’ll stop as if you’d poked a stick in the spokes!

Yeah I’m having to do that at the mo. Didn’t use to need to though!