Game Update 1.39 [May 2023]

Hi - you sound technically savvy. How old is your Mac hardware? Does it support Apple Metal API, or OpenGL only?

As noted in the first post upstream, starting with 1.39, Zwift only works on macOS devices with Apple support for Metal. We’ve been working toward improving performance on macOS for quite some time. Might that be what’s happening in your case?

Maybe it’s an intentional change and not a bug, but it used to be possible to switch between live results and 90 days PR by clicking on the left and right arrows in the leaderboards, now it isn’t possible anymore.

No idea what my computer has in it. But for whatever reason the two higher resolutions were just made available to me after this update. Interested to see if I notice a difference riding this weekend.

If not so much the change in resolution that’ll be the difference, it’s the fact you’ve now got access to the ultra profile.

It’ll be like night and day.

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That’s for the new climb portal thing that’s being developed. There’s a leaked video doing the rounds on Facebook.

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Happy Cinco de Mayo for those who celebrate :mexico: :us:

Zwift v 1.39.0 is available to every device across all OS platforms. It may take time for it to hit the Apple App Store and Google Play Store servers globally.

This concludes our phased rollout for 1.39.


Yep same issue on PC.

Actually can’t pair and doesn’t show up yet in game the icon is there and steering works. Issue is I usually turn it off and that’s now impossible.


Not in my Zwift PC yet…

PS: never mind, just got it :wink:

Same for me on Kickr bike v2.
First you think there’s no steering on the paring screen, then you realize steering is active but can’t be disabled.

Another issue is the rider list on right-hand side goes crazy. Can’t return rideons anymore. As soon as I move the cursor towards the orange thumb, the list goes up&down (on windows 10).

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Yeah, I just checked and it had sneakily updated itself some time earlier :crazy_face:

Given steering is a more regular thing now, does that (hopefully) mean we will no longer get that FutureWorks feedback pop-up?


Please fix this strong light effects ASAP…it’s a nightmare to ride in rain.

And check the Nearby Zwifters…everytime i moved a mouse the Nearby list goes crazy. If i switch the mouse OFF all was fine.

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A way around this if you don’t want steering is to pair kickr bike with ANT+ which is what I do.

This mainly because I just want to ride and not worry about having to steer left and right. You also end up pushed everywhere outside of the draft with steering enabled so I prefer it off.


That push to the side happens only when events have steering disabled and you have it turned ON…but now all events by default will have it ON.

Would prefer Zwift fix what they broke. Have steering actually show in the pairing screen when connected.

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It has happened to me in normal rides too and with robopacers.

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Good solution, but I want to turn steering off and I also still want to be able to use the power-up and U-turn buttons :face_with_spiral_eyes:.

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Dropping in to let folks know the changes to PowerUps are now in effect for all Zwifters. Make sure you’re on game version 1.39 for the best experience.

You can leave feedback if you wish or read up on the changes over at this thread: PowerUps Balancing [May 2023]

Version 1.39 just arrived on my Zwift-dedicated PC (Win 11). I notice that in the new pairing screen there is no longer a calibration option for the steering device. A small wrench icon used to appear to the left of the steering icon on the pairing screen. Clicking the icon after pairing the device allowed the user to centre the front wheel manually. Is this disappearance intentional?

I’ve used a Elite Sterzo Smart since Q3 2020 (in an older and now a newer Zwift account) and found that zeroing calibration very useful when running the Sterzo Smart without its spring (for a lighter steering experience). Perhaps the calibration was seen as unnecessary for a non-modified device. :man_shrugging:

Out of curiosity, do the other steering devices on the market use correct-to-centre mechanisms? I’ve only used the Sterzo Smart.

Same as others have reported. When clicking the steering pairing the Kickr Bike doesn’t show up. Moved on and spawned in world and steering was enabled even though visually the Kickr bike never paired to steering.

Windows 11, Kickr Bike V1 on most recent firmware, Zwift 1.39

Edit: this was just a quick free ride to test. Will test the longer standing issue of the Kickr Bike power-up buttons not working during a group ride then still not working along with steering after finishing a group ride and steering should have been restored.

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I tried a spindown, and it failed twice cause my power stayed at 0W.
(Yes, I know that I should use the trainer’s app to do the spindown, but Zwift’s spindown should work if they provide the feature)
Then when joining the RP, I got no starting help and was placed 50-100m behind the RP. Then my avatar’s legs weren’t moving, so I had to sprint to get them going.
Not a good experience.

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