Game Update 1.33 [January 2023]

BTW, the route completion indicator is still whacky when joining a pace partner.

I see Scotland is available for workouts, but I don’t find it when creating a club ride. I restarted Companion but still no. Is that working for anyone?


Scotland should show up as a guest world in all contexts by midnight @ UTC. March 16 will be the first full day that Scotland is available for free-riding.

I see under club events. Using iOS

It’s showing up now. Catastrophe averted.

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Meaning it’s showing that the route is complete when it isn’t? Or what exactly is the whacky bit here that I’m missing if not that?

Yes, and the distance to go was also showing 0.7 miles long after I went through the banner, it has been doing some crazy stuff for a few months, see also:

Huh. Surprised that this week’s update is not a formal game release. Is this it for this month or is there one coming later on? :thinking:


Independent of where you joined the pace partner, when you cross the finish line, your route bar hits 100%. That makes sense, but it does not reset on the next lap. It stays at 100%.

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I think the lap time should be show in minutes over a certain value and not seconds:


:100: I think Rooftop KOM is the same IIRC

That goes for all segments, really (iirc there are a couple that have minutes as well)?

Seems like this might be causing more crashes with other languages now?

Anyone else having trouble updating Apple TV to 1.33.5?
Tried various power cycles etc but still stuck & won’t let me use the app just keeps looking for me to update.

yeah would be a lot better especially on the longer timed segments, and of course would bring it in line with the live results table

For ATV, did you try going into the App Store, Purchased Apps, Zwift, and click on update?

Zwift version 1.33.6 is live for all OS platforms.

PC and Mac users - this version will prompt you to install Launcher v 1.1.6. Please update any older versions of the launcher.


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Is there a link to this training series or to be launched soon?