Game Update 1.32 [December 2022]

Excessively loud seagulls are fixed in 1.32

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Any update on Trainer Difficulty Slider being stuck on Max?

Oh I see, so you had to enable something on the backend for this?

Confirmed, it shows the new home screen now on my Pixel 7 Pro.

Thank you thank you thank you…

Looks like these were indeed all “Event Only” and had no route completion badges in past. Source: Zwift insider route details, with most indicating “Achievement Badge: none,” though that note appears missing from La Reine.

Example: “Gotham Grind” Route Details (New York) | Zwift Insider

Ngl: I appreciate this. I skipped La Reine when it was part of an event series last year largely because “no badge”. I’ve got a reason to do it now. I did Watopia’s Waistband this afternoon and noticed other riders pursuing the same badge. (something something gamified fitness)

Not yet. We’ll update this thread as we have news.

As others have said the new UI appeared on my android phone on the second launch


That’s interesting enough it probably should have made it into the release notes summary - New badges! :slight_smile:

Hey, @shooj thanks for the update. I don’t see it in your list, but when I went to execute the v1.32.0 update on my ATV 4K G2 I saw the note, “Fixed a couple issues with screenshots.” Maybe that note refers to other screenshot-related issues, but fyi the issue where auto screenshots are taken and uploaded post ride, even when “Only my shots” is selected in options (and no user screenshots are taken during the ride), appears to still exist. Back to “never” on that option, I guess!

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@Velolion and @Dave_ZPCMR
You are correct. That particular screenshot issue was not fixed in 1.32.

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Here is my article about this game release, including my thoughts, details, images, and more! Feel free to check it out here: Zwift Update December Released 1.32 - ZRace Central


Has the issue with updates wiping out training plan progress been addressed in this most recent update? I’d hate to update and loose my progress again this month.

Zwift program still closes upon loading Makuri…

Makuri still not loading. Program closes…

Frustrated me last week: “I wish Zwift would stop introducing new features and just address things that need fixing.”

Disappointed me this week: “That’s it, pretty much only bug fixes this month?!?”


I have a older ATV. I want to purchase the ATV 4k 2022 but not if Zwift hasn’t updated the graphics for the more powerful Apple device.

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have a older ATV. I want to purchase the ATV 4k 2022 but not if Zwift hasn’t updated the graphics for the more powerful Apple device

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This kind of disappointment could be managed by pre-release communication about what to expect. As soon as a release candidate is developed, it’s possible to say “the next release will be pretty much bug fixes for what was introduced last time”.


I got my ATV as a gift from my daughter. I was so thrilled until I realized I needed to replace my 720p Tv :rofl::rofl: