Game Update 1.31 [November 2022]

Who else uses ZwiftGPS? I use a Raspberry PI to load ZwiftGPS on an old monitor. I find it extremely helpful to orient myself while riding. It is easier to just look at that than the CA, in my opinion.
I realize that ZwiftGPS is not run by Zwift, but, I wonder how long will it be before the ZwiftGPS maps include the new roads in Urukazi?
I know the short Watopia connector roads added a while back took several weeks to be included.

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Funny enough that happened to me this morning as well.

I hadn’t noticed it before but seems to happen each time now, only after a ride though, the music is as it should be before.

I run ZwiftGPS on my 3rd monitor.

It usually takes a few days to get the new map loaded.

I heard that it is run by WTRL but I don’t know if that is true.

Talking about ZWIFTGPS, I don’t understand why Zwift don’t have a shortcut key to bring up the full map.

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It’s run by ZwiftInsider, isn’t it?

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That’s my assumption as well.

An overlay on the map says “Powered by ZwiftBlog”, so, yeah, it is Zwift Insider.

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Experienced same. There was a post somewhere saying it’s a known issue.

WTRL seem to have taken ownership of it a few months back.

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seagulls again… MINE MINE MINE MINE MINE

Any follow-up on the lost training plan data for some as many people lost this progress and where it might be fixed from breaking again that doesn’t do much for people who lost several weeks or more of metrics … ‘I Did It’ entirely and restarting from where you were is not really a fix if their profile has stats they should be able to be plugged back in somehow in recovery =\

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Don’t hold your breath. There are tons of issues with this release, and there’s been precious little information on progress of addressing any.

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That fix is figured out, and will be released as soon as possible

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Mute button fixes that. :wink:

Stg 5 Turf and Surf Group Ride: at the last turnoff on the way back to Neokyo folks started going weird on me - mini-map clue that I didnt notice during ride, riders were heading off left in waves and rider list doing things too …

and doing donuts in front of me all the way to the finish line…

Then came across this lot burning it up on their little make believe mini-crit course - some had already finished.

Zero UDP or TCP drops

19th ride in Makuri since update but this was a new one.

Hard to keep up with the bugs these days so point me off to an existing thread for this if one exists.

После этого обновления у меня на п.к. миры макури стали не доступны. При их включении происходит отключение программы ZWIFT. WIndows пишет ошибку и закрывает программу. Остальные миры работают нормально. На телефоне исправить это удалось удалением с последующей установкой а вот на п.к.не получается ни как.Есть ли решение этой проблемы?

The game is taking ~50% longer than normal to load on this release, on very well known hardware. Same as we had in February and March, prior to April’s threaded optimisation changes.


Not sure if this a bug with Zwift, or just the way I am connecting to Zwift, but I have been experiencing a lot of dropouts via Bluetooth when connected through the companion app recently. I ordered a ANT+ receiver hoping it will solve the issue. I know people that are using both Bluetooth and ANT+ that seem to be having issues recently though. I am running Zwift on the latest version of Windows 10.

Oddly enough I’m experiencing the same. Never had any issues with BT link but all of a sudden I’m getting 1-2 second drops which when running causes the avatar to stop.