Game update 1.28 [August 2022]

Just in case this is the issue – the whole screen isn’t scrollable left/right. You would for example, need to have your cursor hovering in a row that extends off the screen, and when scrolling, only that row will scroll. Up/down scrolling though, all columns/tiles move.

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I still have the old UI on android and it is just better, everything is easier to access, fewer clicks needed, remebers the last route, ride with function etc

why didn’t they just add the garage and settings to the old UI? would anyone have not been happy with that?


Since this update i got these kind of screenshots:

Not always, the good ones are also there (1 with HUD 1 without)


This is not even an issue, just to let you know.

Another bug thats been around for a bit …

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This is the auto screenshot that I’ve been getting. :joy:

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More than likely, the missions are from companies paying Zwift to make a mission.

This is what Zwift gives you when you go after the sprints on an RGV group ride :face_with_spiral_eyes:


In fairness NASA has spent billions to get the same photos as Zwift. You’re getting a bargain for only $16/month.


Smart shots or whatever it’s called is ridiculous. I was fine w/a single auto shot. It worked. It was simple. It was great. Now, I’ve got to go thru and unselect a bunch of pics because I only need want one single pic uploaded. After yesterday’s MAAP Stage 4 I had to unselect 5 pics. Perhaps you should make them default to ignored. If the user wants them, he can enable them or give smart pics an on/off setting control in the settings panel.


Hello, I now feel as if I have to perform better than before with pace partner Dorothy??? Approx 1.4- 1.5 kg/w

I feel it’s great that they added it, but feels like it should be an an opt-in/out setting. From the feedback, people with lower performing systems get performance hiccups, which is not cool.

Great thanks Dave.

Do wonder if it’s a server/Zwift side thing. As a test just started this morning without any of the fixes. No flickering at all. nothing changed locally.

But at least if it starts again. I have your fixes your kindly pointed me to. Thank you.

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I agree… and we are also getting lots of auto screenshots (uploading to activities and on Strava) that are obviously when riders go through the finish banner, with the screenshot just shows the ‘loading results’ screen… :man_facepalming:

I don’t have a screenshot to hand as I obviously have to go though and ‘ignore’ these [pointless] shots.

I think this feature could do with a bit of tweaking/refinement :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Edit: to ‘disable’ the feature you can select in the settings menu for only your screenshots to be uploaded, but this eliminates the auto screenshots entirely.

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No problem. It starts to appear at about 100fps, which you won’t have an issue hitting with a 3070. If you have vsync enabled (which you should, for Zwift) and are using a TV, you’ll be capped at 60fps almost all the time - when not CPU bound - so wouldn’t see the flickering much if at all. OBS running eliminates it completely and also makes the game run more smoothly, as do some other overlays such as GeForce Experience (spit) and Zoom. Drop me a PM if you want more info. :+1:

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John. Thanks for that. It’s working fine, it’s just that it wasn’t obvious.

A scroll bar would, of course, be helpful.

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Now that we have all had some time to play with this feature … and see all of our Strava feeds full of ‘Loading Results’ auto snapshots :man_facepalming:… I just thought I’d raise this to see if the plan is to refine this feature a bit more, @shooj ?
(surely Zwift HQ staff must see this, and agree that it is a pretty pointless screenshot)

I’m a fan of the auto screenshots on the whole, I don’t mind having to select some to ‘upload’ and some to ‘ignore’ … but that ‘loading results’ screenshot needs to be sorted somehow… Maybe the finish line banner ‘auto screenshot’ can be disabled? Or there can be a slightly longer delay applied so we actually see some results in the screenshot?

What does everyone else think to this feature?


I’m not even seeing “loading results” photos. Most have photos that won’t load correctly or upwards of 3 or 4 black boxes. :man_facepalming:

Agree with this and Andrew’s assessment that the main navigation is flawed as it is split between tabs/pages and scrolling. For example you can’t find all the major section items without scrolling. You shouldn’t have to scroll for pace partners or missions, these should be in top-tier navigation (pages/tabs) not tiles.

Right now when you launch the homepage the first thing you see is the page with the bike icon which right now functions as a mishmash kind of a landing page presenting a menagerie of things in its body — some that are already available through tabs/pages above but also some not available anywhere through tabs/pages (see PP tile and missions tile). This page/tab seems unnecessary, often wastes space that necessitates scrolling, and is confusing.

I think what would clean up the home page is eliminating this first miscellaneous landing page and having five tabs/pages with most important content:

  1. worlds
  2. events
  3. pace partners
  4. missions
  5. workouts

This may not be the correct order but I think it does represent the buckets of content users should be able get to without more than one click or scrolling. You would then go to each tab/page and then find what you need from there. In this scenario the default landing page upon launch would be the worlds tab. While this default landing tab would not show you everything available or act as a Zwift overview, the main nav would now have all major sections within one click—redundancy would be eliminated and scrolling minimized and/or needed for secondary and tertiary levels of content. Here’s my very pro mock up of main nav described.

Edit: “worlds” could also be called “routes”


:raising_hand_man: Might have to create a Feature Request so that it doesn’t get lost.

Anyone know if it captures a pic of new power PR’s and speed?

Very glitchy, almost packed in tonight, very annoying!! Been like this since update!!