Game update 1.28 [August 2022]

Please log in again. If you mean this screen - we updated on the server end and it should show correctly for you now.



I’d prefer Comic Sans anytime over the new font.

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That’s what I mean - thanks @_Jordan_P_ZSUNR

I planned to do a ride today but I can’t do ZxZ0 at 790watts


Just look at the times in the segment PR list. You have to use a monospaced font when you have numbers in columns. Numbers that are constantly changing will jump around if not every digit has a fixed width.


Have to agree, the new font is a bit of a fail. By all means keep the new logo but the old font was just fine

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This is nothing new, though.

Getting strong 80s vibes from this monstrosity, wondering if you can just replace the font file with the old one…

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[quote=“Anna Ronkainen [AEO], post:199, topic:587655, username:Anna_Ronkainen”]
wondering if you can just replace the font file with the old one…

I got a little excited, but then …

Wow, they didn’t think to use a monospaced font? I thought it made the numbers hard to read, but that’s ridiculous.

oh god, that looks awful.

What was wrong with the old font?

Think they just swapped over the ZP fonts too - effect not as bad as riding screen but for the eyesight challenged folks, they are making this challenging.

Just another ‘improvement’ that exactly zero (or 2ero) people asked for.


Next they’ll change the music and sounds again… sheesh! Why keep messing with things that aren’t broken when so many other things are actually broken???


Yup, changed now.

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Truly awful new font. Who decided on that. Beyond terrible.

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I didn’t mind the new font, it’s not horrific - but I’m on a 55" screen with 4K here. Others may see different.

The pace partner changes are excellent.

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It would be nice if they could use a fixed width font when displaying numbers in a table or stacked list. The font looks like 80s arcade feel to me which is fine (not sure if that’s what they are going for) unless it causes problems with readability for folks.


I’m not picky and let a LOT of stuff slide, but this font is bad! That “1” and “4” are both laughable. Is it April 1 already?


try hxxps://


Top bloke @Youry_Pershin - will add to my upgrade routine for when I get rid of the Ride On pics (would never have guessed the noesis folder!)

Back to normal …


@shooj @James_Zwift first ride with new font tonight. SO awful. Please tell someone/anyone/everyone to change it back.

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