Game update 1.28 [August 2022]

New UI still not on ATV.


I probably know the answer but are there any plans to remove the requirement of being on the same network to use companion in game mode?

So…did we bring back the Ride With feature yet?


Not yet no.


No dates or details but I’ve been promised exciting stuff is coming soon aka Zoon aka Zwiftly. I’m personally hoping it’s emoji reactions in the forums so I can laugh in the chat without getting in trouble.

New bug; when in an event where rider are assigned a kit, not all riders are displayed in the correct kit. This was brought up by a few other riders during off the maap. iOS 15.6 iPad.

See screenshot


Thanks Oliver! We are aware of and investigating this issue.


You’re missing nothing. In fact for Apple TV I can’t see how the ‘new’ UI will be any sort of improvement, unless it’s substantially different to the version everyone else now has. If they just replicate that, I reckon it’ll be much slower and more cumbersome to navigate with the remote than the interface you have now.

I suspect this is why it’s taking so long.


I have not heard of such plans.

Think we’ll ever get rider shadows on our M1 Macs?

I just uploaded the new version of the game. I have no sound in game. I checked settings, all three game sound settings are on and at max. Win 10, i7-6500U CPU @ 2.50GHz 2.59 GHz, 8 GB RAM. My sound works with other applications.

Hi Tim!

Thanks for letting us know. Are you getting sound from other applications (browser, music player, etc.)? Also, did Windows update for you recently?

I ask because I just now had to reinstall the audio drivers on my laptop due to a Win 10 update.

Hi @Tim_Taylor_65

I personally saw no issues with audio on my Win10 machine, but don’t doubt your report.

Let’s isolate something just to be safe: Microsoft pushed out two Win10 updates yesterday. This one and the other one. Did your computer auto-update those, by any chance?

If so - you might try going into Windows System Restore and roll back your computer to August 8 or earlier, and see if that gets the audio working. How-to on the Microsoft Support site.

Hi Alyssa,

Yes, I have sound with my other apps. And, my OS and other apps are all up to date. I only have no Sound with Zwift. Just started with this new Zwift update.


Hi @Tim_Taylor_65

Since Alyssa is confirming issues with the Microsoft patch on her computer, let’s get you some help with one of our Support colleagues who can walk you through the step by steps of updating your audio drivers. Please contact us and ask for help with updating Windows audio drivers so you have sound in game again.


Okie Dokie

Hi, still waiting for support to respond. I googled and found how to update audio drivers via device manager. Unfortunately, when I click update driver, I get Win determined the best driver is already installed. I then tried looking for drivers on Win update, no luck

Doesn’t happen with each update, but it happened yet again with this one :man_shrugging:

I was logged out and after logging in, my power curve bests had all been reset to zero :disappointed:

Apple TV 4K


Good news!! Your power curve will be correct that first ride back!!

See this thread from 2019 on how the power curve has been broken for much too long.


While I have had it reset every so often w/updates, I have never seen the craziness of the broken power curve as in that thread. Maybe it’s because Zwift is doing me a favor by resetting my curve every so often😄

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