Game Update 1.26 [June 2022]


Is this how you configured your Jenkins build notifications :rofl::joy:

I’m familiar with the Jenkins build environment, but where did you see the Jenkins build notification for Zwift? Just curious.

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Not sure I follow.

Up above Dave mentioned that he found some Jenkins stuff in the latest release. Then Flint, who is Zwift staff posted his Leroy Jenkins (WoW) bit. Hence my reply about Jenkins build notifications, i.e., it’d be funny if that was the notification sent out by Jenkins. Where I work, the Jenkins notifications are boring.

Thanks for the explanation. The Jenkins build stuff in the latest release is pretty funny. It gave me a laugh. I saw Dave’s post. I wasn’t sure if Jenkins is an actual person or their build server. Funny either way.

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1b. Manually set it to your preferred value through zwiftpref/zwift-preferences :slight_smile: (before starting Zwift)

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Timeline not right

Auto Image capture bug - where clicking to upload the ‘clean version’ leaves a poor image - is still present since 1.25 release … lets hope this gets noticed/picked up and fixed soon :crossed_fingers:

Original post - with all the detail - linked below.

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I noticed with the previous update (1.25), the HRM pairing glitch with ATV has returned and it’s still there with this update. I was so happy for the couple of months that it was fixed and now I’m back to frustrated:(

I’ve never been able to remove the HUD in my images via ATV. When the icon is selected, the image turns black.

Since the new Homescreen:
When I choose workouts and then I want to choose a world/route, I dont see the map where it is… For some workouts it is important because it includes free section…

currently seeing a D labelled pace partner out of order in the list, with an E partner name.
at 3W/KG probably a C partner to match the one in Makuri

Same CPU load stutter going on, so I assume the FPS drops in workouts will still be there.

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I’ve noticed the animation on the map when choosing a route is stuttering pretty badly now, didn’t notice it before (which doesn’t mean it didn’t happen though!)

yeah this is quite annoying, hopefully will be updated in the future.

if you want to ride one of the worlds on rotation you can view the route profile there and then select the workout (or load the route as a free ride and then select the workout from the ride)

Yes they are. Quite obvious now that it’s related to the arch.

Thx for posting about the left turn issh at the bypass. I thought it was me at first. Finally headed up reverse epic, turned around and hung a right onto bypass.

I use Zwift on my Windows computer and I’m enrolled in training plan Build me up. Since the update, the ‘start workout’ button doesn’t become activated (it stays light orange in stead of bright orange). I’m able to select the workout, but not to start it. Anyone any ideas or workarounds? Thanks!

Hello @T_van_Driel_NL welcome to Zwift forums.
Shuji at Zwift HQ here. I looked through your session logs on our server, and noticed you have both a Windows computer and a Samsung Android device running the Zwift app and logged in simultaneously. Concurrent logins can cause weird behavior like this.

  • Would you check that you’ve ended the session on both devices (either save & exit / trash & exit)
  • For good measure: force close Zwift on the Android app by going into the Android settings > Apps > Zwift?
  • Wait two minutes for the server to clear the Android session.
  • Then log in on your PC and try the workout again. Would you let us know if that works correctly?