Game Update 1.23 - March 9th, 2022

I have a Wahoo Kickr Bike and steering is WAY overrated. I believe the number of events supporting steering is less than 10%. Look at the Zwifthacks event calendar and select steering. There MIGHT be twenty/day and they are virtually all rides, not races. Support is better than it was last year but still not worth losing sleep over.


Thanks Mark. Ever tried steering on the one mountain bike route (or rather detour off maybe Sand and Sequoias)? An even more obscure use case for steering, but kinda fun (was able to steer with a phone on my old trainer setup…primitive but worth trying a few times).

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Also putting in my request for Wahoo Direct Connect support. Honestly, this should be the standard.


I don’t care about the events, but I want steering because at this point they’ve proven that it can be implemented, and really, it adds a fun element that I’d want

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I tryed this morning but again continue to have bluetooth disconnection with elite qubo smart b+ trainer. Make me nervous during rides, races and training as well. Additional set-up is Ipad, iPhone 7 with companion and cadence sensor. Really boring situation!

Your stored best times are likely to be incorrect

This happens every update but when i apply the update I click let’s go and it always hangs on the little window before it goes to full screen, i then close that and reload it and it works. Not the biggest problem in the world but a small bug that happens each update.

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No steering on Wattbike Atom.
Though tbf, Id rather they spent time on ■■■■ that matters, but each to their own.

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Same in Single Track Slayer. Very disappointed!

I just got the latest update to my PC 1.23.0 (100541) But I can’t find the new items (wheels and frames) in my garage? Why is that? Is there anything I can do or haven’t done? I’m pretty sure my PC is up to date…

Which new wheels and frames are you referring to?

Updates normally just provide the ability to ride new bikes in events, or to buy them with Drops. You don’t normally get them for free with an update.

Sorry, ment to say available in Drop Shop! The three new bike frames and the two new wheel sets doesn’t exist in my Drop Shop.

Which frames and wheels specifically? I can’t see any mention of new frames/wheels in this 1.23 update.

Zwift Insiders article about the latest update says:
Three new bike frames have been added to the Drop Shop:

  • Specialized Diverge (gravel, Level 12+, 532,500 Drops): 2 stars for aero, 2 for weight
  • Mosaic RT-1d (Level 15+, 852,000): 2 stars for aero, 2 for weight
  • BMC TeamMachine (Level 26+, 832,900): slider 3 stars for aero, 3 for weight
    Two new gravel wheelsets have been added as well:
  • Reserve 25 GR (no level requirement, 11,400 Drops): 3 stars for aero, 1 for weight
  • CADEX AR 25 (no level requirement, 21,300 Drops): 3 stars for aero, 1 for weight

I Don’t even know what Wahoo direct connect is… But since everyone else wants it… So do I. :grinning:


I can see the Specialized Diverge but nothing from Cadex or Reserve. I didn’t check the others.

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I checked again and I do have the new frames in the Drop Shop but no new wheels. The first time I looked I only looked for the new wheelsets and because they didn’t exist I just assumed the frames wasn’t there either, sorry! Thank’s for checking @Steve_Hammatt :+1:

I was 3.5 weeks into a shortened 7 week Singletrack Slayer training program, tailored to end on a MTB race in 3.5 weeks. I wrote down every training session ahead of time up until race day on the calendar and arranged them week by week by intensity/stress score. I did the update and now my training plan is shot. The current week is now populated by workouts I have not seen before, and the week I was working through is now two weeks ahead with 3 sessions completed and the rest inaccessible for 11 days. The plan was ending on a taper week leading up to the race day, now it’s ending on what looks to be the original program, with the last 3 weeks lopped off. I am very frustrated with this.

Tony, you need to select a gravel bike frame first in order to be able to ‘see’ gravel wheels in the Drop Shop. The new ones are all gravel wheel sets, apparently.


Haha, brilliant! I knew I must have missed something, been on Zwift since 2016 and a level 50 rider, and still learning :sweat_smile: Thank’s a lot @Roule_Thoune :ok_hand: