Game Update 1.23 - March 9th, 2022

I’ve never had any issues on my MBP (OSX 11.6.4) and before riding the second leg of the Tour of Watopia today, I updated to 123.1 and had 2 crashes during the ride! I stopped running the companion app on the 3rd stint and it didn’t crash again. I wasn’t sure if that was related or not, but it didn’t crash again. I always pair my Wattbike Atom + Tickr HRM over BT directly with my MBP.

Zwift didn’t produce a crash report, it literally just exited to my desktop.

Suffice to say, the latest update is not good!

Seriously, I had zero crashes before Tour de Zwift and this update. Did 2 events, crashed on both, now I can’t do anything without a crash.

Since I don’t use Companion App as a bridge I turn off BLE device connection in settings - no idea if this would help any possible crashes but I’m sure if left on Companion App would be constantly searching for devices.

Zwift crashed twice on me today, on what has been an otherwise stable Windows 11 almost new gaming computer. Program just closed, with a note in the Zwift log file that ZwiftApp crashed.

Wondering if the latest update (1.23.1) is causing problems. Trying to get some details via event viewer but so far nothing useful.

@Eric_Schlange_ZwftIn check out this thread:

Were your crashes in a race with power ups disabled?

Last night I did a ride and everything was fine, no linking issues. After the ride I decided to do a short run and it took me over 15 minutes to get it to find my HR monitor that it already had hooked up to for the past 45 minutes. Suddenly it no longer existed…Very frustrating.

FWIW no crashes for me [yet], I’m on Windows 10 if that makes any difference.

Nope. One was in a race, but it had powerups. The other was while free riding in Watopia, just after that.

No crashes on Mac with v1.23.1. Did both a pace partner ride and Tour of Watopia.

Apple TV seems to be broken

Kickr does not provide any resistance during a freeride.

Have rebooted, restarted, paired through native Bluetooth, and via Companion, firmware has not changed.

Other apps and workout mode work properly, so kickr is fine, just no longer useable in freeride mode.

My Apple TV/ kickr v5 was working in free ride last night.

ATV working fine with my Neo 2.

Hi @Chris_Parker

Did you check that the trainer is paired as Power and controllable in the pairing screen?

Did it crash just zwift, or the whole PC?

An update.

Not from Zwift, strangely enough, but from me!

You may recall I was a bit miffed when the March update nullified my laptop.

However, thanks to the kind words and advice on here and @Dave_ZPCMR’s indefatigable patience and limitless knowledge, we have built a Frankenstein’s adopted son of a PC for about £180 and wired it to an old TV I had laying about.

Boots up fast from an SSD and the picture is superb.

I am beyond grateful.
When I opened up the PC case today, I honestly spent an hour scratching my head.

Now I have just spent an hour eating my tea and watching fellow Zwifters cruising by in ultimate IMAX cinemascopic loveliness.

Thank you, everyone.
@Dave_ZPCMR I owe you. I owe you big style.

Edited to add…boot up from everything off to me pedalling around Makuri Island is 90 seconds.


Zwift crashed. The game just disappeared - closed itself. No Windows log entry I can see, either.

Last entry in the Zwift log file for that activity says something like “ZwiftApp crashed”

Fine with Neo1.

Okay. I jinxed myself. Zwift crashed for the first time ever (~5yrs) on my Apple TV this morning. I was set to ride with Coco, hit ride and Zwift crashed. It completely disappeared as if I had force quit the app. Actually, this is the first time I have ever had Zwift crash (various MacBooks and iPhones included going back to 2015).

Cosmic rays? Karma? Zwift? :thinking:

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Your sock color doesn’t match your frame/wheel color. Back to the school bench again for you. :wink:

Glad you sorted out your PC issues and can now enjoy Zwift even better than before.

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No, exact same thing happened to me a few days ago with my ATV. Everything paired just fine and as soon as I hit the ride button to join C Cadence, I was completely kicked out of Zwift and had to log back in. Second attempt, I managed to join the ride but lost Bluetooth connectivity after 4 seconds and had to abandon. Third attempt was the charm, and everything was stable for 1 hour 40 mins until Bluetooth connectivity was lost (again). Must point out that, in my case, I was using the ZC bridge for my Bluetooth connections and I’m having ongoing issues with this. If I pair directly to ATV, everything seems fine after the latest app updates.