Game Update 1.22.1 - February 14th, 2022

Love these updates! Having said that, why does the Zwift Level stop at 50? I have a ways to go to reach that level, but have mates who are frozen in time at level 50. I want to see their awesome efforts on Zwift recognized! Please update this functionality so that there is NO maximum level and those that have been stuck at 50 get retroactively updated to a level they deserve and earned. Be fair to your most loyal and long-devoted users. Please.

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See Level 50+ update?

it could be that I missed it with all comments, but is anyone else experiencing issues with the ERG mode after the update?
during training when I am around 80-85 rpm I keep getting the message that erg mode is turning off and on and there is no longer control of resistance, it does not increase during “work” moments and does not fall in recovery.
I run the app on my computer and the ANT+ antenna is around 80 cm away from the trainer and this did not happen before the update :frowning:

please advice how to fix this :slight_smile:

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Hi @Arjan_van_Gastel

Welcome to the forums.

Do you pair the trainer as power and controllable using the ANT+ FE-c option

My son is 15 & has a free membership but since the update it says ‘Trial Expired’
His DOB is correct & states he is 15 years old

Hi @Kate_Southgate

You will have to contact Zwift. did you recently update his membership, it has to be done each year.

see: A Guardian’s Guide to Free Child Accounts on Zwift [November 2021]

Good day Gerrie,

thank you for the welcome :slight_smile:
I am using an standard ant+ USB stick for connection, I am not sure about the FE-c option, but all was working as expected for the last 2.5 months

See: Gearing Up For Your First Ride

The fe-c option is in the pairing screen.

what trainer do you use.

ah, so not am not using ant+ FE-c just connecting via the normal ANT+ dongle
I am using an Tacx flow

tried to join the workout of the week tonight. did not work - no erg or power adjustment. very frustrating and multiple attempts to run from workouts folder.

seems to be a recurring issue with apple tv and companion app and makes me nervous to take updates as soon as released.

What is your setup (beyond Apple TV and Companion app)? Are you pairing your trainer as ‘Controllable’?

yes I did try that several times to re-pair the devices, including with bt on and off, reboot phone, exit game etc…
Apple TV 4k with iOS 14.7
zwift 1.22.1
companion app 3.32.0
kickr snap

Latest Apple TV 4K tvOS is 15.3.
I wonder if you’d have better results by updating your unit.

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The calibration option has disappeared for me on Android! (Kickr Snap)

One suggestion and would save a ton of scrolling in the Companion app when selecting events to join would be to have the ability to sort by time or only show events during a time range. Although I love riding, I have no interest in seeing events while I’m sleeping and also having to scroll through hours of events to find one at a desired time.

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You should be using the Wahoo app to calibrate, anyway, so I wouldn’t be too concerned.

Well since the last upgrade, today morning was it, my screen is lighting all the time if I chose makuri island and when I check on the companion app the map, the numbers for watts and everything are rolling all the time I mean I have to select for example another option on Zwift app and go back to the map to see them properly.

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I have this problem as well. I’m using Apple TV.

I’ve been on the TRON using Apple TV all week. No issues w/Zwift or the Companion app. TRON bikes are all normal colored. Screenshots are normal and upload w/out issue.

Manually double check that the Zwift app as well as the Apple tvOS are both updated.

I’m sure that ERG mode will not work if you pair using companion app rather than pairing trainer directly to ATV. I also always restart ATV prior to starting any Zwift ride for me ATV has been 99% reliable :+1:.