Game Update 1.21 - January 12th, 2022

I don’t know if anyone else has this issue, but if I’m in my menu screen (Apple tv) and press the back button to take me out to the ‘select rider’ menu, it will ALWAYS ALWAYS take me forward and put me on to a random ride. Then I need to exit and delete the weird mini ride.

Pls fix <3

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zwift doesn’t work for win10

Your bike on the road comes from your own game. The other risers come from the servers. Hence other tiers disappearing is a sign of internet loss.

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Zwift Companion App: Showing problems… After the activity, it does not show the RPM, average heart rate, power etc. correctly or not at all… since the last update or so…

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Yes, it’s been acknowledged by a Zwift staffer here on the Forums about two weeks ago: Incorrect display (see the fourth post)
It seems to be limited to Companion in German, possibly only on Android (not sure).

If it really bugs you and you’re comfortable in another language, you can change the display language of Companion on your device. (I run mine in English, even though the rest of my device is in French, because I find the translations a bit… funky.)

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thanks but nope, one day later and it does not :expressionless:

It hasn’t already updated automatically, has it? I had that happen to me once when I wondered why I couldn’t see the update. Check the version number again.

I have had this issue off and on. Not just since this latest update though. It acts like all of the buttons on the remote have been randomly shuffled and the only way to correct it is force close the app and restart.

You aren’t alone. Running ATV, not once have I had a single issue with connection. Have a ping of 5ms, 150mbs down and 50mbs up. Today, after the update, three times in a single ride was “disconnected” from the group for about 2-3 seconds where I was riding alone.

Other team mates in my club that are running ATV experiencing the exact same issues.

Unable to complete login
Welcome Screen loops at “LetsGo”.
Reset browser and Zwift loader as described in Resetting Zwift loader article
Completed clean install of Zwift .
Submitted support ticket with log files.

How do I only change the language for the app?

If you’re using Companion in iOS, go to the Settings app on the device, scroll down to find Companion, and within that you should find ‘Preferred Language’. By default, iOS will have made it the same as your device’s principal language, but you can change it.

Sorry, I don’t know what the possibilities are in Android.

After this update it looks like some bikes are missing chains and front chain ring. For a quick example browse the zwift bikes in the garage

I’m rather new to Zwift so please don’t be to harsh one me :wink:
I have an issue on my Apple TV 4K (new gen) while Zwifting, I can’t switch to photo mode because there no button in the console. There are all the buttons besides the one responsible for pictures.

Thank my you for the support!


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Because the Apple TV does not have a native photo app, we are unable to support the saving of Zwift photos to the device and do not provide the screenshot function in the app. To trigger (and save!) your screenshots while running Zwift on Apple TV, you can pair the Zwift Companion app on a supported Android or iOS device to your session - these images are then saved to the mobile device, and can be selected as your activity photo when saving your ride or run.

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Castle to Castle shows route map not available on companion app.


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Hi,when I update the version,I can’t login to game,my system is win10,it just stay here

Doesn’t look like there is such an option on Android as far as I can see, it just uses the most preferred system language (and defaults to English if that one is not supported).

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Come mai non vengono salvate le sessioni in solitaria togliendo la connessione e riattivandola prima di uscire e salvare? L anno scorso mi ricordo che era un ottimo metodo per chi non voleva allenarsi in mezzo agli altri utenti, bastava riattivare la connessione prima di salvare e la sessione veniva salvata. Ora non succede come mai?