Game Update 1.20 - December 16th, 2021

Same here I use Apple TV so only have the photos taken.

I have an interactive roller (elite arion digital smart b+) when after upgrade (iphone) my roller “controllable” couldnt connect to my phone via bluetooth. From apple tv I havent upgraded it I could connect from apple tv. Then I connected to zwift support they said you cant connect elite arion smart b+ roller via bluetooth you could connect with ant dongle. But I use my roller from 2 years, I had always connecting via bluetooth to my iphone. And always uslng bluetooth when zwifting. I have never have ant dongle. I know Ant dongle requires to connecting a pc or mac. Is there anybody living same problem?

I upgraded ios 15,2 then I started the zwift my controllable connect via ble, now there is no prob!

Ride on!

It would be nice if smaller riders didn’t have to put out.5 w/kg my more than everyone else on the descents. It’s ridiculously out of sync with reality if you’re tucked into the middle of the pack.

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SB20 user here. Are the folks having problems on Apple TV or are all platforms hosed?

Same problem. Unfortunately I updated right before jumping in for the Thursday WTRL TTT race. While I was able to race with base resistance of the trainer, not having the feed ride feedback was definitely a problem.

See this thread: Stages SB20 Not Controllable

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Please fix the sunlight issues on iPad Pro. Riding in the dark decrease the overall feeling while in game.

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Same here, very annoying. Anyone have a solution for this?

iPad here

Did you fix the glowing white deer on Apple TV in Makuri Islands? Didn’t see it listed, but will check.

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Auto update is not immediate. If you wait a while, I forget how often it checks, it will eventually auto update. However, if you know an update has been released. Then, manually check and if necessary update Zwift.

Do your other apps update w/out reinstall? Are you referring to auto update? If so, see above. There should be no reason to reinstall each an update is pushed.

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You seem to be overlooking the fact that the vast majority of smart trainers send their power/cadence/controllable BT comms over a single BT channel.

So on my Apple TV I have power/cadence/controllable on one connection, my HRM on a second, and the Apple remote on a third.

Qualcuno di voi ha riscontrato problemi di connessione alla piattaforma zwift prima dell’aggiornamento dell’app??

iOS application crashed today, also Apple Watch showed one value all the ride.

Trainer not controllable after last Zwift update… Similar issue to reported SB20 issues, but different trainer (InsideRide). Computer is running Mac OS 12.1. The problem is with bluetooth. Connected an Ant+ key and it was able to find the trainer. So it’s the combination of Zwift+bluetooth and only for the “controllable” part. Power/Cadence through trainer are OK. Re-installing Zwift did not help. un-pairing everything did not help either.

Okay, perhaps I was a little melodramatic about the mouse, but sometimes it drives me nuts because I go to move it to “hit” a certain button, and as you say if another one is close by, it quite often hits that one instead. It is a wireless mouse, my wired mouse was a lot more accurate, but I guess gotta go with the flow. I hear you, and this is wear programmers need to pay attention to what is being said out there. Not always they are able to correct an issue, but something like this just requires a simple change in formatting. Take care Cathy!

Shane’s update video is worth watching for those experiencing new Bluetooth issues (or have done in the past). Not sure why it’s not mentioned in the release notes.

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Hi having regular conrection failure with my kickr core :smirk::smirk:. Recent lap top updates all ok ! Any tips or tricks PLS? TIA

Not enough memory? Check how much free space you have.