Game Update 1.18 - October 20th, 2021

@shooj will we ever get an option to discard items from our garage? After several years of Zwifting, it becomes unmanageable with all the extra clutter that we never use.


I’ve gotta give Zwift credit where it’s due. They always seem to find new and interesting ways to have bugs.


You so funny…Lol…

Another update and my hopes of a fix for any of my lists of Zglitches, dashed again. :slight_smile: :grimacing:

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I can confirm that this is an issue on Mac.


If you’re on Windows and noticed the scroll bar is missing on route selection, please join this thread for updates: Route selection scroll bar missing on Windows [October 2021] [1.18.0]

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Sounds like a more damage than updates and bug fixes after i have read threads involving this latest update. Need to test my MacBook Pro after my nightshift.

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I’d love a fix for my sudden problem of delayed lagging gradients :rofl:


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Same issues after a group ride.

Seems now on AppleTV when first saving a ride, Zwift crashes out to the AppleTV Home Screen… I mean seriously Zwift, we pay you money each month, and we can be certain every game release just adds more and more bugs… Where is your QA testing!!


I used an Ant+ connection instead of Bluetooth (old Zwift version) which seemed to help, far from ideal but needs must … :man_shrugging: Good luck.


Thanks for that report. I’ll do some random 500 metre long rides and try to save them just so I don’t waste a 2 hour ride effort. This sort of bug is a blocker and should not get out to the final release version.

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I’d say there’s just too many variables involved for Zwift to try and support, trainer hardware, compute hardware & connectivity method to name a few. It’s a receipe for disaster, like trying to support WFH employees :blush::open_mouth: They need to simply the whole experience and although long overdue, I think it’s coming… :crossed_fingers:

Really?? Could they perhaps add a ‘gift them’ button. I’ll take those Zipp 858 thank you(!) :blush::grin:

I’ve flagged this up. Thanks for sharing!

I’ve flagged this one up, too. Thank you for letting us know.

Nah, that does not excuse them. There are the things called unit and integration testing in sw development which are all automated. To have literaly tens of thousant test scenarios runing at least every day is quite normal these days. Not to mention nightly build testing. Those are very basic, ages old concepts in sw development, which Zwift still hasnt seems to adopt.


Next to map I would love to have average watts and w/kg as a simple feature.

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