Game Update 1.18 - October 20th, 2021

Updated my ATV after asking some club friends if they had any issues. They said all was okay so I updated.

• No spanner in the pairing screen to let me calibrate.
• No ability to choose a world in which to ride.
• No in-ride join event button bottom left, only the timer and description of the event.
• No rider names in right-hand list as if no internet but rider names were attached to riders.
• Pause Menu was only half visible with 50% off the screen. The pairing button was okay visible but half the button missing.

Normally I seem to avoid most of the bugs but not this time!

On the bright side I could U-turn.

In latest update, while In watopia, am unable to make a u turn. Once I hit the uturn button on screen, avatar doesn’t turn and then bike speed will not go above 15 mph no matter how hard I pedal.

For now i am gonna ride with Bkool and wait when Zwift is fixed.

Just wondering why Zwift isn’t fix this 1.18 version with older 1.17 version what make this app work better. Just name 1.17 version with a different name like 1.18.2. I assume that Zwift is backup that older versio.

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Hello, today (October 27) I’ve noticed something unusual : I can go to drop shop, choose frame or wheel set that I don’t own and I can ride with this setup without buying it… This frame only available at level 35, and these wheels at level 20, while my level is 18…

It’s a bug created in the latest update. See the following thread on this subject: Drop shop bug after 1.18.0 update
You don’t get to keep these items in your garage for future use, apparently.

Hi, I’m using a JetBlack volt turbo direct drive.

Since the update, erg mode won’t engage. Then it will but 15 watts lower but won’t increase as the workout increases.

Every so often it then “grabs” at 300/500 watts.

I am having the same issue although I use appletv and connect via companion app. With one update I get tons of drop outs, the next update seems to fix and it’s stable again, then another update and it’s dropping out again. Gets very de-motivating to join a ride or race d/t the drop outs

After nearly a year of no connectivity problems I’ve now hit them with my MacBook Air. The latest versions of Zwift 1.18.0 and 1.18.1 no longer connect to my Wattbike and Garmin heart rate monitor via bluetooth in the initial start up screens, despite the bluetooth devices being visible with the native bluetooth system settings on the MacBook.

Strangely I’ve found if I bypass the initial device connection screen in Zwift and watch another Zwifter instead, then hit the ‘return to me’ button the wattbike and HR monitor are suddenly connected.

I’ve run the same bike and HR monitor on an iPad and iPhone via bluetooth with no issues.

Anyone else having similar issues?


Wattbike Atom NG
MacBook Air 2019, macOS 11.6
Garmin HRM-Dual

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Having this same issue. Anything change for you?

seeing a couple of issues with the latest zwift version and/or windows 11. unfortunately the updates were about the same time so I broke rule 1 of software. only change one thing at a time…

windows 11 / ANT+ connectivity / wahoo kickr - sometimes a ride will start with no gradient control.
restart the app and things are OK. after seeing the first time, careful to check that trainer control was paired

seeing regular “flashes” on the screen, a bit like when you take a screenshot. happens about once per minute. (laptop with nvidia graphics, latest updates etc) today was on epic KOM route

That’s part of the Halloween theming at present; it’s lightning and is accompanied by thunder noises.

Reminds me of the first time I rode over cobbles in Ultra Mode (Thank you @Dave_ZPCMR ) and the picture started jittering; thought I had a problem with the system… :flushed:


thanks Dave. guess it’d have made more sense to me if I didn’t have music on and don’t use zwift audio effects.

have to say the “lightning” is not great, maybe better dev effort spent on other bugs…!


this was most likely developed years ago and just switched on again for Halloween, I doubt it took much dev time… the new costumes however… I still think it is fun to see what will be new each year on Halloween and April Fools day. Time well spent in my book.


Yeah! I found that the update removed Bluetooth and location permission so I had to go in to my app settings and turn the two back on.
Works like a champ now.
(I’ve never had an update remove permissions so it was weird).

Update to my issue:

The new release either turned off or reset the app permissions on my phone.
I turned “nearby devices” and “location” permissions back on for Zwift and everything works as designed again.

So with the new update (use ATV, hammer H2, favero Assioma pedals) if I try and connect devices use the companion app, Zwift drops out left and right. If I connect via Bluetooth it’s stable but then I’m limited to number of devices I can connect. Also, have some flashing on the screen that’s new.