Game Update 1.16 - August 19th, 2021

Does this mean our Kickr bikes will give us resistance now?

What exactly was incorrect in the aero values of the S5 2020? You know that bike is very fast IRL right? Have you ridden it? Or is this just “parity adjustments” as it would be called in motorsports to make sure nothing is faster than anything else?

And do we get our drops refunded for buying the bike and then you guys change it?

Are the DT Swiss disc wheels also going to be nerfed too?

@Wes Could it also be that the pace partner multiplier was changed during this last update?
I have a x2.5 multiplier now, while max was x2.0 I thought?

Seems that 2.5 was an old multiplier according to Zwift Insider

"After 5 minutes at x2.0 (that’s 30 minutes of staying near the Pace Partner) the multiplier remains at x2.0 while the progress bar goes from full to empty over a span of (we think) 2-1/2 minutes, then resets and you’re back to x1.0.

Here’s a short clip of the progress bar counting down from x2.5 (the former limit, which has now been changed to x2.0):"

I think we need to convince @Eric_Schlange_ZwftIn to stop testing any new frame or wheel until he has absolute certain, 100% confirmation that the values are not going to change in a few weeks.

If it weren’t for Zwiftinsider telling us all what frames and wheels are the fastest we would never know because the Zwift star system is worthless.

Thanks for your consideration Eric.


Yep, never buy until I read the Zwift Insider articles!

I think we need ZHQ to have Eric test this stuff before they put it up for sale and make sure it’s going to perform they way they want to. Obviously they don’t have much of an idea of how this sh*t’s gonna fly before we get it.


I had that bike the moment it was released, before the Zwift Insider article because I have the real one as well (with E-Tap AXS). I queried Zwift here on the dubiously low aero ratings and then Zwift says yes, we are fixing it.

After fixing it, then they decide to go and change it and make the bike slower again…

The real bike is extremely fast.

I’d sell the Alpinist wheels if I could and probably some of the other useless bikes I never use (Colnago).

Interesting in the group ride I was in today everyone had gone back to Venge and Tron bikes again.

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It’s still got one second on the venge doesn’t it?


Didn’t even know about this: "Climber's Gambit" Route Details (Watopia) - Zwift Insider

It was rolled out with the Zwift Academy baseline rides

Yeah, I just wasn’t aware until I’ve seen some community events taking place on it this evening. Not doing ZA, no interest in it.

True same here. Another route that I will never know about or ever see, like that Italian one.

What does seem to have changed (for the better) is the Pace Partner routes for the A grade bot. She was riding the Three Sisters course yesterday. 50km distance and about 1000m elevation! :slight_smile:

Shame the B and C grade bots don’t also take tours over the Epic KOM and through the jungle.

Any luck on fixing well know and multi year issues like the CP curve?

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This one as well. "Legends and Lava" Route Details (Watopia) - Zwift Insider


I have been seeing the following new issue with this version:

  1. I pair ANT+ HR sensor (Fenix 5 watch broadcast). All is fine and HR is shown well.
  2. When I start a workout (on demand or group), the HR drops to zero and stays that way. When I try to repair the sensor (deselect on pairing screen and search again), I no longer see it. I need to restart the app to see HR device again (to get to end of step 1)
  3. It happened twice out of three workouts in the past few weeks so looks new.

Note that I have been having issues in earlier months with being unable to pair ANT+ HR (Fenix or strap) at all quite often but the simple workaround always was to restart Zwift app till it detects the device :slight_smile: The behaviour 1-2-3 above is new.

Any ideas how to troubleshoot this more is welcome!

The controllable issue is still happening right - for me as recently as last Sunday. Quite regularly will appear to drop-out after the warm-up of a training session, but if you keep riding it is just that the controllable is out of synch with the workout - up to 7 minute delay on the last ride. Makes training plans almost impossible as you miss pretty much every star :hot_face: :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:

Constant issues with ERG mode I have a young family and life is busy I just need this to work when I need it. Using Kickr 18 and Apple TV 4K super frustrating