Game Update 1.15 - July 19th, 2021

This upside down wattage issue still isn’t fixed in the July update (ATV 4K)

Apple TV

Same issue I have had since the update I’m fairly reliant on being able to exercise when I have a spare moment due to young family I hope they fix this ASAP

Same thing happening for me and my partner, for all workouts with multiple efforts, over different days. I’ve got a galaxy S10 and partner has some Apple thing :man_shrugging:t2:

The actual power sent to the trainer and displayed in the middle is correct; just the list of efforts on the left is duplicated.

the loaded workouts seem to be having an error for me post upddate. but also the post activity workout files. for ref, did an 18.2km race ( 3R Innsbruckring Flat Race - 2 Laps (17.6km/10.9m 154m)), and in activity data all correct, come the end of the race, shows everything on screen correctly, however when i end the ride, the uploaded activity file is beyond incorrect, showing wrong distance, speed, power, map. I assume its linked to the app update, but not sure when it will be patched. Bit annoying to have to manually input everything post ride… running in ipad, latest app version…

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Unfortunately whatever has been done makes cycling a bit nauseous moving all over the road often veering over to the right head on into oncoming cyclists.

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Yesterday my FIT file was corrupted when saving after doing a warmup then automatically joining an event; warmup saved properly the event FIT file was corrupted with some correct data and some from the warmup file…

Did a 1.6km warmup followed by joining an event and doing 105km. FIT file only shows the 1.6km warmup. On the Apple TV

Any feed back on this, I had the same problem.
I checked the battery several times on the stages. Made sure my Stages actual worked by using a Garmin watch and cycle computer at the same time meaning ant+ and Blue tooth were working, checked with the stages app that power meter was working. Some time later I decided to find my old cadence sensor put a battery in it made sure it was working fit and pair, this work around plan worked but I’d missed a meet up then missed an event then hardly anytime left to do anything worthwhile…

My issue is this, Zwift could’ve put a message up on the App upon start-up of the app at point of use, this would’ve mitigated most of the inconvenience and time messing about that would seem now to be for nothing and no fault of my own… Wasn’t happy at all…

Communication needs to better…!

Me too … iPad, stages power meter and Kickr snap candence not found when searched if the power source is the Kickr.

If I choose power source as the stages then it will find the stages in the cadence search…

Poor that Zwift don’t put a message up on the app at start to mentioned the issue, messed about for hours thinking it was the Stages…

Communication needs to be better

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How do you roll back the firmware? I tried on the Wahoo iPhone app, but could not figure it out.

Hi Rob,

When you connect to the wahoo kickr from your phone app you will see the icon in the image circled. Tap it about 10 times and an extra drop down appears with the firmware. If you click that it gives you a list. I rolled back to 4.1.2 and it seems to work well. I found this info in a forum and tried it as a last ditch effort and it worked.

Thanks. I rolled it back and it did not help. The final thing I tried seemed to work. I switched the sensor reading from my iPhone to the PC in the pairing settings screen.

I just tried to get onto Zwift. It forced me to do the update. Every time I now try to run Zwift it just exits and doesn’t run the game. I guess the app is crashing. It has been fine on this tablet up to now. I only use the tablet for zwift. Nothing else has been installed on it. BUSH SPIRA B3 10 Tablet - Android v 7.0 - Kernel version 3.18.35. Can supply more detailed info if required.

Similar issue to me running on either AppleTV or Mac. Strava shows no distance or time and .fit file does not correct. The companion app does show activity distance and time correctly.

MY ISSUE RESOLVED (for now): I rolled back my KICKR18 firmware to the previous version, I deleted and reinstalled my Zwift Companion iPhone app, I deleted and reinstalled my Wahoo iPhone app, I did the spindown on both the Wahoo app and Zwift, and switched the sensor reading from my iPhone to the PC in the pairing settings screen. I am not sure which of these made the difference.

FWIW: The London pack dynamics is still causing severe swerves to the right (as of 7/24 11:00 CDT)

Ive tried a few of the work around for the power meter/cadence and controller issues.

Has anyone heard if Zwift is working on a solution for this? Ive tried nearly every recommendation listed in this forum, as well as several other to no avail. Would like to know if Zwift is working on a solution?


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Had the same problem in London this morning-avatar all over the place. Very off putting.

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