Game this evening hanging

Anybody else have problem wit the game keep hanging during the ride this evening?

It would ride, then hang for up to a minute and then keep going.  I binned it after 12km in frustration.  

Same issue on iPad and and AppleTV.  No bandwidth issues at my end.


Any chance you are on a 2.4ghz wifi network and someone fired up a microwave oven near you? I’m not kidding, this can happen. I don’t use any Apple products, so maybe someone else can chime in. I’m running a gaming PC with a wired connection, no hanging issue.

I did notice my avatar has been putting his foot down when people hop on my wheel. Is that what is happening to you?

I use an Ant+ dongle also. MUCH more stable for me than Bluetooth.

I am on a 5ghz network and we don’t own a microwave so it’s not that.  It’ was fine last night so I can only assume it’s an intermittent iOS problem. I do frequently get the solo user issue as well where despite it showing thousands of others in game the rider window on the rightbonky shows me and I am cycling alone. 

Very weird!