Game Styles / Waiting Room

(' BTCNJ-Jim-HUBS(D)) #1

Like the idea of a waiting room . Join different style games . Unreal Tournament had such a feature. I would love to see implementation of grabbing bicycle pump stick in spokes , Kicking other riders push them into bushes.
In the legit cycling game , maybe be setup for individual trainers , one room strictly KK , Cyclops , Elite , wahoo kickr . then you would now you are compteting on level playing field .

(Jason Hurdlow) #2

Level playing field can mean different things. How about a handicap system, so riders with dramatically different W/Kg could ride/compete together? I think that would be more fun. Give the Cat 4 riders on a team a chance to ride with/push the Cat 2s they normally get dropped by.

(' BTCNJ-Jim-HUBS(D)) #3

Jason , maybe that is all ready incorporated . We were so fast last week they added 50 lbs to our bikes . Why we are not keeping up with the peloton today, Not a problem with fluctuating power at all . lol