Game Sounds messed up after update [January 2022]

No I can’t post links or add files unfortunately. Did get a more sensible reply later, so still have hopes.

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Try now. :sunglasses:

Hey thank you Gerrie! ZwiftClacking.mp4 - Google Drive links to an mp4 on my Google drive.

Wow that is a weird banging sound.

I have turned off all the sounds some time ago. At some point the sounds was nice.

I haven’t heard that before.

the weird up and down wooshing sound when the person passes you going downhill is the sound I was talking about

Sounds like someone needs to replace their virtual drivetrain! :rofl: Seriously, though, the sounds have gotten terrible with the past couple of updates. I used to like to hear the sounds, but now I can’t stand having them on at all because they are so chaotic and loud.

I’ve heard that sound throughout every TdZ event I’ve done. It’s part of the same problem.


That is certainly not a sound I’ve heard in my recent rides. It almost sounds like a thread slipping on a plastic nut when you tighten it too much, or my kid banging on his toybox with a drumstick. Have you tested if the sound goes away when you turn the “Sound Volume” off? My first thought would be that it’s a corrupt sound file but we’d want to dial in where the sound is coming from before trying something drastic like a reinstall.


@Lucas_M As noted by others, this sound is not isolated to Ed. In general, the ‘road noise’, or whatever it’s supposed to be, has been changed dramatically with the last couple of updates. Personally, I can’t even ride with the sound on in Zwift anymore because it is so annoying. It truly needs to be rolled back (and tone down the ‘Ride On’ dings while you’re at it).


Thanks for the feedback, I’m glad it’s been recognized by some. I want to stress this noise is not just since the latest update for me, I’ve been hearing it for a very long time, always thinking it was some sort of attempt to simulate shifting or pedal clicking (though that would not make sense). However now that I’ve heard passing runners produce it, that goes out the window.
It is definitely linked to passing players, mostly right by you and sometimes more distant, but in what way, or what it is supposed to signify, is mysterious. Like said I also had it on iPhone directly, so a corrupt sound file is not likely.
In general indeed, the soundscape could be very helpful for the immersion experience, but it isn’t very good now.

Additional point: a brand new install on a pretty high spec Windows laptop gives exactly the same noise anomaly. With the advantage of the Windows built-in game recorder allowing easy system sound recording, so those sound files are coming up.

I get this noise too. It seems inconsistent, I that it’s only for certain riders when passed or being passed. I figured it might be a Cannondale with a creaky BB :laughing: Either way, it seemed to appear with the Neokyo update along with the rest of the awful sound updates.

Hi @Paul_Rayner

To my knowledge, the bug report is just for the volume slider problem(s), but I’ve reached out to the team for clarification. It could be that Zwift’s developers have an all encompassing report for these issues, but I’ll find out and let you know. Thanks!

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Thanks Steven. I asked Gerrie to merge a couple of threads yesterday because feedback about the “sound quality” issue was spread across a few threads. Hopefully you can see there’s a big issue here. And hopefully you can hear it yourself in the game.

Just to chime in here again, I did reach back out to the team for more information and while I don’t have any additional specific bug report tags here (as of yet), I’ve been told that Zwift’s developers are definitely aware of some “bad sounds” in various places in the app, and they’re working to fix this.

I appreciate everyone keeping us on our toes here; both @Lucas_M and myself have made a concerted effort to bring your concerns to the team, so I would expect some positive changes to come of it. Thanks!

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For me the weird clacking of passing riders/runners has gone since the last major update. Well done. :+1:

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In May I reported this. Basically, there’s no sound of the road surface, no sound from passing riders in either direction, no sound of my bike. But there are ambient world sounds, like horns, birds, water, etc. Then I suspended my account for the summer. Now I came back, and guess what? Same problem. Resubmitted. Oy vey, Zwift is just such a let down now. I was going to bail as I suffered from all the AMD GPU card issues for years, but they resolved most of them just in the nick of time. Only to replace them with this. And clearly it’s a problem that is now almost a year old.

My sound works fine on Win10 PC but on my MacBook Air the wheel/tyre noise just sounds like a steam train running - chugg chugg chugg. I had to turn it off and just listen to music whilst riding. The audio is a complete afterthought on Zwift’s part.

This is an old thread, there’s a new problem. Urukazi update: Audio echoing and VERY LOUD [1.31] [November 2022]

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