Game performance on Makuri Islands

this is a fascinating discovery, nice work Dave!

@Wes, please chime in, thanks!

Some news from HQ

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Yeah I saw it, cheers. Hope it’s correct. :crossed_fingers:

This is a bottleneck issue in my case, but the bottleneck is in the game engine.
A year ago i could ride watopia with well In excess of 60fps at 4k
After a lot of the latest updates i’m struggeling keeping 30 fps 1080p.

The problem is in the game code, they simple refuse to admit it bechause hunting down bugs is tedious.

Where is the bottleneck when cpu is at 20% utilization and gpu is at 50, and my fps is sub 10?
It’s in the code.

I know it’s comming so i’ll layout it on you before you answer me:
Yes a better CPU than the ryzen 3600 running at 4.1gjz all core WOULD give me more fps.
We know this…
But tell me: you’re not changing from a 2L inline 4 to a big Block hemi engine just bechause the parking brake is on?, Surely you release the parking brake to go faster.


You’re not wrong. But there’s something amiss with your system anyway, because you should still be able to do 60fps in Watopia (there aren’t any ‘updates’ which have affected that - Makuri Islands is its own problem), and your frame rate should never be as low as you’ve mentioned, no matter what.

PS: CPU utilisation will be pegged at 100% on one thread almost all the time; that 20% - assuming you’re looking at Task Manager - is an average of the full resources. But Zwift is highly single threaded and always has been.

I’m in fact looking at the detailed view, and i did a check now mid ride in watopia, obviously my stated numbers were pulled from thin air, and the actual details was 11% cpu, none of the 12 threads were pegged at 100.
GPU was at 57%. This seems to fluctuate a bit depending on where on the map i am.
If there’s something wrong with my system, then how is it ONLY happening with zwift?
I can play a wide range of games at 1440p 144hz, some are cpu-heavy, some GPU and some both.
I’m not saying it ISN’T something wrong with my system, but from what i know about unoptimized games and applications (and i’ve testet a lot of alpha builds) this clearly screams game engine optimization to me.

I’m also noticing it states innsbruck in zwiftalizer.
This was a tempus fugit ride.
This seems like a far fetched question, but could zwift be sideloading a guest-world and that’s what’s causing the fps to dive down?
Stranger things HAVE happened with bugs in other applications.

I’m not trying to blame anyone for their mistakes, i just want zwift to perform at 60 fps minimum on some reasonably high performing hardware, when it did in the past.
My system hasn’t changed on a hardware level, the only things that have is zwift (wich i believe to be the culprit) video drivers and windows itself.

Anyway, have a look:

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You’re mixing up a few things here, but to be clear - I’m not defending Zwift here, or excusing the fact that your system should easily be able to hit 60fps at all times. I created this thread, back when apparently nobody else gave a toss about the frame rates on Yumezi. Neokyo is even worse, but it’s just the same issue I’ve been complaining about for months. Being CPU bound on Zwift has always been the case in group events etc, on Neokyo it happens all the time. It’s definitely due to the engine.

Task Manager isn’t good enough for monitoring CPU load, you should use HWiNFO or similar. But in a solo ride it won’t be an issue on Watopia, or Innsbruck, or indeed any other world than Makuri. I’m not really sure why you’ve posted those images when this thread is about Makuri. When I say something’s wrong with your system, I’m specifically referring to you saying you get sub-10fps. That should never happen on any world, in any circumstances on your rig.

The fact that your shadow resolution isn’t showing up in the Zwiftalizer results suggests you’ve messed about with your config file. That won’t help.

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Allright, i wasn’t trying to hijack your thread, only add to it bechause i think this is a much bigger problem.
But i might be wrong.

Yeah, i’ve been trying to see what could be causing this issue, the messed up config file is not the root of the problem, it’s a result of me trying to fix it.
I’m going to uninstall zwift and delete all related folders and start over.

It is a much bigger problem. :+1: With the artistic and level design choices on Makuri Islands, plus the amount of ‘stuff’ going on, the game engine is creaking like mad. On low end devices like Apple TV, it’s never seen, because the detail is very low and frame rate is terrible to begin with, so never gets worse. It’s the people with systems that should destroy this game who are noticing the drop, because the hardware demands are now ridiculous (having previously been extremely modest*). The thing is, whilst this behaviour used to be restricted to big group events, it now happens everywhere on the new map.

*I’m currently testing a system with a 4th gen Intel quad core, 8GB of DDR3 and a GTX 970. By gaming standards it’s very slow and old (and many miles behind the power of your rig), yet it’s holding 60fps in 4K on Innsbruck right now, with the exception of the spawn point. Loads of riders there, and so the frame rate tanks. That has always happened in Zwift, because the system becomes CPU bound on a single thread.


So i did a uninstal, removed all files and folders, restarted, reinstalled zwift.
Set it to 4k and fps was much better. Joined C.Cadence for 45 minutes with 30+ fps at 4k.
Then all of a sudden massive stutter.

I’m running steam link and i checked the main monitor and fps was smooth 30 there, but i had 2fps where i ride.

It must be a problem with my nvidia shield or network.
I’m sorry about the complaining about a problem that’s clearly only related to my equipment.

I think the problem was the bandwith allocation in steamlink that was set to unlimited.
The problem started not long after the wife and kid came home and started to occupy the bandwith.
I guess having it set to unlimited meant i was dividing my not so new routers resources a bit, and that caused me to drop a LOT of packets or something.

I’m considdering the case closed.


Glad you’ve seemingly got it sorted. :+1: