Game performance on Makuri Islands

For the benefit of anyone wondering…

On the basis of recent rides and using a bit of quick and dirty maths extrapolating from my own GPU, I reckon to ensure 60fps in 4K at all times on Makuri Islands you’d need an RTX 2080 Super or 3060 Ti as a minimum; 2080 Ti or 3070 to be safe. This is leagues above the requirements elsewhere in the game, where generally a GTX 970/1060/1650 Super is fine.

Note that this is ignoring the obvious and separate CPU bottleneck problems which also plague Makuri, I’m talking purely the GPU performance requirements to brute force it when not otherwise limited.

Personally think this is absolutely ridiculous.


I have a 3600XT with PBO on and a 1070GTX and Im experiencing the hickups when riding at Makuri Islands. Especially when riding under the trees in the forest.
What is the best upgrade, cpu or gpu?

And is the Makuri Island the new benchmark for new world in the future? Graphic wise?

Makuri creates insane CPU and GPU load compared to the rest of the game, so the complete answer is ‘both’. However a 3600XT should be fine to keep you above 60fps most of the time (in solo rides) whereas a 1070 will be slaughtered by the foliage density in certain spots. So if you want to upgrade for better frame rates on Makuri, a new graphics card would be of biggest benefit on your setup.

Start saving…

Thank you.
With the current prices for a gpu, pfff.

But do you think a new world will have the same limitations like Makuri Island?

I suspect so, yeah. There are some underlying issues with Makuri IMO that cause the disproportionately high CPU load in solo rides, but the biggest reason for the GPU demand being so high is the artistic design. I can’t see that going backwards.

It does look very nice compared to the likes of London, but there’s a big performance penalty to every extra asset and nobody seems to have asked “wait a minute, how does all this stuff impact the experience?” or “how can the course design ensure the demands don’t get out of hand?”. It’s been the same for a while, for example on Crit City where you get smashed with CPU load at various pinch points from groups of riders over the other side of the barriers. Sometimes you can’t even see them, but your experience is negatively impacted.


Well Neokyo looks absolutely great but takes poor performance to the next level. This time it seems to be wholly CPU limited; my system is barely managing 50fps with an RTX 2060 Super which is labouring at less than 50% utilisation. It’s not trying, because it can’t. Even disconnected from the internet (to eliminate the usual issues caused by tons of other riders nearby), the frame rate barely breaks 60fps and GPU utilisation is still down at 60%.

In this situation, a stronger graphics card would make no difference whatsoever, nor does dropping the resolution (two common misconceptions). It’s because the CPU bottleneck on Neokyo is absurd, and this is with a Ryzen 5 3600XT. A friend has an overclocked i5-10600K at 4.8GHz and that can’t hold 60fps either. Presumably a £600 i9-12900K would do? On every other world, an i3-4130 costing £8 allows the GPU to max out in a solo ride. Slight difference there.

Something is seriously amiss with Makuri; the way it performs is remarkably different to the rest of the game. At least the dense foliage on Yumezi makes sense, even though the hardware demands to maintain 60fps there are also crazily high.

As mentioned before, I completely accept the majority of people on Zwift don’t give a toss about frame rates. I do.


Same here, although my machine isn’t overclocked at all. I have a 3.5ghz CPU and it doesn’t even run hot in Japan. I can watch all the cores and only #1 is doing anything, and it’s usually quite low. The video card is working though (RX580 8GB).

I used the 1440 resolution in the new Japan area and performance was okay. Not brilliant but not terrible either.

You won’t see anything of note. Zwift isn’t capable of maxing out any reasonable CPU’s resources, so those utilisation figures don’t mean anything. GPU is straightforward.

See the post directly after the one you quoted from.

I agree not many people care until it get so low that the system crash. If optimized fast pc’s cant do 60FPS then the low end pc’s will also struggle and probably crash. As we are seeing in some posts.

Possibly. Most problems appear to be on integrated graphics where obviously the CPU resources are shared. I just can’t fathom what’s going on below the surface on Makuri that’s so different to everywhere else. It looks nicer, of course. The design concepts should take into account the increased demands of making it look smart IMO, but I can at least understand the high GPU load when you’re in very dense foliage. However I can’t think why the CPU demands are like we’re all in a massive group ride at all times, even when not even online. This doesn’t happen anywhere else.

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I commented on this in the main thread, but this is the first time I’ve really noticed a significant choppiness.

It was most noticeable in the arcade for me - and I’ve no idea what my FR was, but I suspect it was pretty low.

Actually… let me go and dig out the log.

Min 21 fps, avg 27 fps (GeForce GTX 1050, Core i5-3470, 8GB, Ultra 1440). That’s compared to an average 44 and 40 fps from a couple of random Watopia logs from last year

Yep, and I would wager it wasn’t your graphics card struggling. If anything those Watopia averages seem a bit low, but the context is important given that they could have been from group events, or through particularly demanding areas like Titans Grove, jungle etc.

Yep, and I’ve no idea on that front. I’ll try and remember to retain logs for the next few rides and see if I can get more direct comparisons.

FWIW I’d have no issue recommending your specs for 1440p60 in solo rides, in most places that aren’t Makuri (or the usual areas such as those mentioned). Your CPU should never be a limiting factor on your system unless it was a particularly busy area, or in a group ride, behind a busy pace partner etc. That’s when Zwift performance has always tanked - how much is based on how fast your CPU is.

Makuri has this going on all the time, even offline.

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I have similar performance on a similarly powered PC, i5-3570 and GTX 1650. Figured it was due to the average CPU? I average 40 fps in Watopia and drops to 29 or 30 in Makuri.

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You should be at 60fps in most places (solo) on Watopia, at 1440p. But you’ll be similarly punished for that CPU in Makuri.

FWIW rode Yumezi last night for a group ride, Two Village Loop, and then for the After Party manually routed to Neokyo for the next hour with 2 other riders. FPS during group ride are what was expected (unfortunately) for Yumezi during a group ride (~36FPS, but mostly hovering at 29 FPS)

During the AP, 3 of us together plus whatever number of riders were in world as well, around Neokyo the FPS bumped up to around 40FPS. Didn’t notice any visual issues like stuttering during the ride so that’s a plus. And IIRC my GPU Utilization never went over 70% during the entire 2+ hour ride.

Just adding my data to the conversation.


And yet you never sustained 60fps. That’s the CPU holding it back. Despite the fact it never would on any other of the worlds, in solo rides.

Exactly. Guess need a CPU @ 9GHz single core performance to get 60+FPS :rofl:


i’ve noticed it on yumezi as it was irritating, but it’s glaringly obvious in the arcade part of neokyo.

i’m on a i5-9400F with GTX 1660 (6GB)