Game pauses when sending group text on AppleTV

So I was in a group ride last night and wanted to send a group text. I was not using my phone so didn’t have the companion app available. I used the AppleTV remote to select the group text icon. When the text input window popped up, the game in the background paused. I assumed that was just a graphics thing so I continued pedaling while entering my text. By the time the message was complete and I was back in the game, I was 30 seconds behind the group. It seems that I came to a complete stand still in the game while entering text for the message.

I assume this is a bug, as it would seem reasonable to be able to continue pushing watts in-game while entering text.

eta: For what it’s worth, I used the voice input feature of the remote to enter the text.

Hey @Aaron_Zwanzig has this happened multiple times? Investigating on our side.

Operator error. I figured out what i did wrong. I hit the microphone button on the remote before activating the text box. This activated Siri, which paused the game. The text box said “Enter message…” so I thought i was good to go. Had i activated the text box prior to hitting the microphone everything would have been fine. Sorry for the bother.

1.This happened yesterday to me game paused 21/3/2020 Herd Social Ride also 30s behind.
2. Watopia tour stage 4 . Went to message the group waiting at the start. I was using microphone symbol iOS iPad touch screen the screen froze- message was paused. After trying to restart several times I couldn’t recover the game still frozen .
I will try the above solution .
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