Game freezing

Everytime I log in to a busy ride it freezes. Ruins the game.
Today riding 20 minutes then clicked join even
. 600 riders. Then starts to freeze.
Only freezes when its busy on game?

That is usually a sign that the device can’t handle the rendering demand.

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Can’t Zwift just not render all 600 of them, but as much as the device is capable to handle?
It’s stupid to let the app lag for ex. during solo training session, when I don’t even bother about all other riders. Why do I have to suffer when a lot of riders ride the same route?

Zwift only render 100 riders, but it has to calculate witch 100 to render and with so many people that 100 can change every few seconds.

Put your solo ride log file in Zwiftalizer and look at your frame rate (Fps)