Galacy s22Ultra connection ossue

Have tried for 2 days straight to connect powertap hub to zwift app on s22 ultra. Nothing. Enabled location services and permissions and still nothing. This is cracking me up…please help

Hi @David_macAnulty

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What powertap hub are you using the older ons was ANT only and later ANT+ only, I think only the G3 is ANT+ and Bluetooth.

Hi Gerrie…its the G3. I got it paired with garmin 520 no probs at all. I was off zwift for couple years and ipad air used to work, but now both it and laptops are too old!

Which laptops do you have? There may be a solution for those if you’re interested.

I have a new chromebook and play stire says not supported. Ive a hp running ubuntu …very slow though. And an old sony which has a great screen but windows 7🫣. Ive a great ine for wirk but it is restricted and i cant download zwift

Sorry I dont think i replied directly. Ive put it in the thread👍

It looks like the S22 Ultra does support ANT+ so it should be possible to make that work. If it’s still paired with some other device, that might interfere with your ability to pair it with Zwift.

Older laptops can usually be made to work with Zwift if they have enough memory, replace any HDD with SSD ($20 these days) and install Windows 10. HDD replacement process is usually available on YouTube. Your S22 Ultra is a nice device so it may perform better for Zwift than the older PCs.

The Chromebook may be able to run Zwift (unsupported!) if you put it in developer mode and sideload the app. It probably won’t work better than the S22 Ultra though.