Future Courses: France

Just posting the stats for others to decide :wink:

YouTube search Zwift outlaw race :wink:

While on the topic of Alpe here is the real thing for comparison with what we have:

It’s not quite same. IRL I sit on about 230w up the climbs with heart rate 145bpm. You get a huge difference IRL with altitude, the higher you go it gets much harder - but on the bonus side the more of that you do, you gain big benefits in fitness pretty quickly. A week of that kind of riding has a huge result when you come back to normal elevations.

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Not entirely apples to apples but my personal IRL vs. Zwift. And honestly while the road is mythical thanks to the Tour. It’s a wide busy highway that I didn’t enjoy nearly as much as all the other nearby picturesque climbs.

A lot of trucks use it too. I’ve had one of those trucks carrying asphalt go past closely, as if I wasn’t warm enough already - and it’s not enjoyable being passed closely by them.

In a real race with the road closed it’s probably fantastic, but IRL with trucks and campers going up there or going down it’s not that enjoyable.

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What if 85% were the first two months?
Every time I am there, it’s a ghost town.

Believe what you want.

So 1 of 10 climbers choose Ventoux.
3 out of 4 have never ridden it.

( on average only)

the Strava segment for Ven-Top has 15,467 completing it so far in 2024
the Alpe has 104,733

163 days so far in 2024
Ven-top = 95 people per day on average, 4 people per hour
Alpe = 643 people per day on average, 27 per hour

Ven-top is pretty dead… pretty low chance you will see one of the other 3 people climbing ven-top if you’re on it

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Well, I guess to be fair, France is only offered on rotation 2 out of every 9 days. While people ‘can’ go through loops to choose ventop when france is off rotation, it would probably be fair to scale these numbers as a high water mark for what it could be if france were always on like Wattopia.

true, it could be double to amount of people per day perhaps?

Well…if 4 per hour that means I am exposed to 12 riders! Assuming, of course, I ride to the top. I think I have made it halfway…maybe a bit farther.


Give the world some more love. Make it great like Watopia and I think you’d see more riders.

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I’m all for expanding France

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Calm down, Napoleon! :wink: