Funky bike shadows after update [1.14.0] [SOLVED]

I too have been experiencing wobbly wheel shadows and frame shadows. I noticed it the worst when you Drive through tree shadows or under water in the tubes.

Glad to see this is known issue and in the works. Seems like the disconcertingly-unstable shadows were introduced a couple updates ago (circa Makuri, maybe)… I did some experiments; happens at any cadence, in groups or solo, with various bikes, on various routes and worlds, and probably most usefully at all of the app’s Resolution settings. Mac OS 10.14.6 Mojave on Macbook Pro + 27" Cinema Display

Shadows are fine for several seconds, then the bike shadow disassembles itself in amazing ways and the wheel shadows wobble for a several seconds, then all the bike shadows disappear completely for a bit leaving just a floating rider shadow.

i mostly ride the tron bike. most of the time the shadows are normal. however, frequently i notice the shadow of the wheels goes wonky. it looks like either they go square or the bike shadow is reversing for no reason. is this a joke, a bug, or anyone else notice this?

Still happening here (on PC). Not seeing any pattern, seems to be occurring in all worlds and at random times/locations.

Seems I’m not allowed to add a link, so maybe head to slash bbZY2iDM9Jk for a video of this in action.

This bug has been fixed in game version 1.15.0. Please update Zwift at your earliest opportunity. Would you loop back and let us know that everything’s great now (or not)?

All seemed fine on my ride this evening. Event was on France, so with perma-sun for 1hr I would have seen it. :+1:

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Thanks @Dave_ZPCMR appreciate you circling back to let us know.

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FYI that the Watopia windmill funky shadows are still there after the Jul 21 release. Here’s a screenshot from a ride I did today after the update (1.0.75178). When riding the windmill blade and tower shadows aren’t connected, and the tower shadow shifts back and forth.

fwiw, I did not see any obvious bike shadow issues.

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@shooj Half-solved. :wink:

@Theo_Van_Dinter_TL-N and @Dave_ZPCMR

I looked at the work ticket for this and the windmill shadow is still on the to-do list. So yes, half-solved. We’ll address as soon as we can.