Function keys and speech clips

When I ride, I often get the feeling that another rider is waiting on me or trying to bridge up to me, which makes the game more enjoyable if riders are working together and know they’re communicating. Right now, the (F)uncition keys have a few generic phrases that you can invoke as you near/pass a rider. I’d suggest that one key be a “instruction key”, that is, pushing F1 would say, “Push the Function Keys to speak or respond.” Also, I’d suggest one key to say, “Hey, want to ride together?” and other keys for, “Sure, let’s ride together.” or “Nah, I"m riding solo today.” The current keys (Hey, Hammer Time, I’m Toast, etc.) are interesting, but not especially interactive.

Well, I think “HammerTime” is a good way of letting someone know you plan to ride hard, particularly the timed segments in the case of someone wanting to challenge the sprints. “I’m Toast” is a response if you don’t feel like it.

Without getting to granular, Greg kinda hits the nail on the head. We wanted a small amount of interaction before we even attempt in-game chat (don’t ask me more about that, heh). The interpretation is a little open so you can make of it what you will while still remaining playful (like the bell).

Hopefully we’ll be able to offer more robust communication in the future without making it more difficult to use.