Fun is Fast: Ven-Top Challenge

The Fun is Fast: Ven-Top Challenge offers an A and B group but doesn’t seem to explain the difference between them. Am I missing something other then my sanity for doing this course again?

A= Ven-top, B = La Reine


Thank you! I wasn’t seeing the detailed information when viewing on my iPad.

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So weird how they don’t specify that on the website sign-up page. It’s a mystery there.

Aha! I’ve just completed it and nothing made sense - I didn’t see that when I signed up (I just joined B as that’s my Cat).

I was wondering why half the riders turned right when I went left at the start.

I also didn’t quite get what was happening with the standings. I was 2nd most of the way round, but then towards the end dropped to 3rd and then 4th even though nobody passed me. When I looked on ZwiftPower, there are only 14 B finishes, even though the HUD was showing me 191 riders in the event - I get that not everybody is on ZP, but it was so confusing; I couldn’t work out where I really stood relative to others (presumably 100+ of the 191 were on a different course, doing the A ride?)


Similar thing happened in another timeslot. Go to 5 mins 30 in this video and see how Michael Knudsen goes from 20th place to 1st place without overtaking anyone - Redirecting...

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Same thing here: I looked at the A/B grades for these rides, and SINCE I HAD NOT DONE ONE OF THESE BEFORE, couldn’t easily see what the difference was. I also thought that it had something to do with grading (it wasn’t) and so chose the B course.
In hindsight, I would have preferred the A course (shorter distance, more climbing, a more realistic version of the full Mont Ventoux route).
It bugs me all the time that events in Zwift don’t have more info in the description, to help out first timers. Once you’ve done an event, it’s clear what the courses mean. But I’m not sure I’ve got the legs to do another Ven Top challenge. I feel as though the ride I did was a bit of a waste.

And finally - what was the story with the placing numbers during the ride? I was sitting around 10th, but kept slipping down the rankings, even though no one passed me. Were there phantom riders on the course?

I think the placing rank is based on distance from the start, which works out strange when A and B are on different courses. You could move up a place without seeing the bike you passed.

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